Lobby Day

At Health Care for the Homeless, advocacy is what we do. 

Each and every year, we engage with lawmakers, partners and the larger community to advance our advocacy agenda on the local, state and national levels.This Lobby Day, hundreds of staff members and clients came out to rally and attend dozens of lawmaker meetings. See below some positive vibes and fun photos from Lobby Day 2017. 

We asked participants: what was your favorite thing about Lobby Day 2017? Here's what they had to say. 

"Loved seeing our clients excited and willing to participate." 

“Explaining harm reduction and making it accessible.” 

“Dedication to advocacy, ability to interact with individuals across the agency, learning about policy issues we are engaged in this year, the rally, and the ability to have our voices heard in Annapolis.” 

“Getting to know clients involved in advocacy.” 

But Lobby Day is more than just fun and games - it's a learning experience for everyone.

"We learned about the specific policy issues that have the potential to improve our clients lives, along with some of the historical context and political resistance to those changes." 

“I learned we can make a difference and that legislators are willing to listen and care, but are just not aware of our experiences.” 


Lobby Day 2017