MEDICAID: What we’re hearing (2/07/2017)


Every now and then in the ongoing debate about potential changes to Medicaid, attention turns to those who could be affected most: our neighbors without homes.

In this National Public Radio (NPR) segment with Pam Fessler, our own Kevin Lindamood and Barbara DiPietro remind listeners of the importance of maintaining Medicaid expansion here in Maryland, which helped increase health care coverage for our clients from 30% to 90%. Hitting even closer to home, Health Care for the Homeless client Joseph Funn sheds light on his own experience obtaining coverage, and what health care and housing have meant to him—and what they do and could mean for so many others.

There are still many more questions than answers around the future of Medicaid. But as long as the debate continues, we’ll be rooting for policies that provide health care and housing for all. 

Have a listen here.

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