The Baltimore City Health Department has declared a Winter Shelter Status alert for Friday, March 2 through Saturday, March 24, 11 a.m. Find additional information on winter shelter status and resources here.​


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Quality + Performance Improvement




our definition: how we are doing + how we can do better

4 key components

There are four key components to our work to ensure the best possible care:

  • health informatics: equipping staff to capture and use integrated clinical and administrative data to inform delivery of care
  • population health: caring for our clients in ways that also help prevent disease and prioritize those with chronic conditions
  • compliance: ensuring that we meet—and exceed—all standards for safe and effective care
  • performance improvement: monitoring, evaluating and improving—objectively and continuously—the quality of all that we do

PI goals for 2017

We work to constantly make sure the people we serve receive the highest possible quality care, when they need it. We do this by...

  • constantly assessing the quality of the care we deliver
  • constantly assessing client access to that care
  • constantly adjusting to do better

We call this work "performance improvement." Or just simply, PI.

We have seven PI areas in 2018...


  • Diabetes Management: 73% of diabetic clients’ most recent HgbA1c will be 9.0% or less by December 2018 (2017 rate = 65%)
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening: By December 2018, 50% of eligible medical clients will have an up-to-date colorectal cancer screening(2017 rate = 42%)
  • Cervical Cancer Screening: By December 2018, 60% of eligible medical clients will have an up-to-date cervical cancer screening (2017 rate = 44%)
  • Behavioral Health: By December 2018, the average client score upon 3rd assessment will decrease from the 1st assessment by 25% for anxiety and increase by 25% for coping (2017 rate = 14% & 3%)
  • Immunizations: By March 31, 2018, 45% of eligible clients will have documentation of flu vaccine administration (2017 rate = 27%)
  • Missed Appointments: By December 2018, the organization will have a missed appointment rate at or below 25% (2017 rate = 31%)
  • Client Experience: By December 2018, the organization will improve its client satisfaction with reaching a providerwhen the clinic is closed to 4.0 on a 1-5 scale (Nov 2017 score = 3.3)



Our pediatrics team members usually don’t sit still. Sitting still means they’re not out meeting people—and meeting people is key. So they get out in the community a few days a week and visit shelters across the city. Nurse Practitioner Judy Kandel and Social Worker Debbie Wilcox visit Booth House on Wednesday mornings. Here, they share an office and together, helping connect families who are staying in the shelter to care.

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