2017 National Conference

Over 200 Health Care for the Homeless programs across the country fight every day to secure housing for all. And through collaboration, our work to end homelessness becomes stronger. Once a year, that collaboration takes flight with the annual National Health Care for the Homeless conference.

This year, dozens of our very own staff members attended the conference, giving wide-ranging presentations, attending rallies and learning about each other’s work. Now, they’re back with plenty to share…

"It is always good to see so many people coming together to discuss how to make the world a better place. Seeing all the great work other Health Care for the Homeless facilities are doing is inspiring, and is a good reminder we aren’t alone in our work."

- Sean Berry, who presented on the needs of individuals with brain injuries alongside Caitlin Synovec

"The conference is like a big family reunion for me. There’s so much love and common purpose coming together in one place—it always newly inspires me in my work.”

- Barbara DiPietro, who presented on Medicaid and teamed up with Kevin Lindamood to discuss documentation, insurance coverage and efforts to end homelessness.

"The coolest thing about the conference is connecting with people from Health Care for the Homeless grantee organizations across the country...the conference allows us to compare our experiences, share tactics and refresh our perspectives."

- Bilqis Rock, who submitted materials on the SOAR program 

“The National Health Care for the Homeless Council Conference is one of the only conferences I know that not only sends consumers to participate, but also honors their knowledge and expertise through the opportunity to present workshops to the field. I am honored to help support that work." 

- Katherine Cavanaugh, who participated in presentations on trauma-informed leadership skills, safety and access and consumer advisory boards

"It was a great experience seeing so many providers and agencies come together to discuss the issues that our homeless population faces today and how we can better serve them in the future."

- David Hunter, who presented with Tyler Gray on addiction treatment 

"It was great to be a part of the conference as a presenter to help create a space for discussion of challenging patient care issues." 

- Tyler Gray 

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National Conference 2017