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Battling the summer heat—with your help


It’s officially summer, and the long, hot days have already started. Just like the extreme cold of winter, Baltimore’s hot and humid summers pose severe health risks to people experiencing homelessness. Without food, water or shelter, people may suffer dehydration, heat exhaustion and stroke.

Rolling down your window or stopping on the street to give someone experiencing homelessness a bottle of water or a sandwich goes a long way.

We asked you on Facebook: what do you give and why? And here are some of the responses we received…

"Water, granola bars, clementines in season and sometimes buy a sandwich if I'm walking and there's someplace nearby."

"A little card from folks at The Franciscan Center letting them know when they can visit for a free, healthy meal."

"I once gave a fresh baked, still warm from the oven, piece of cake (I was on my way to a potluck)—and I got a wonderful story about her memories of baking with her grandmother and her favorite baked goods."

"I do give beverages and water as I was once homeless. And the kindness of others went a long way."


Want to do more to help people experiencing homelessness stay safe during the summer? Donate street survival kits today.

Or, if you see someone experiencing homelessness, here are some things you can give on your own:

  • Water bottles
  • Granola bars, dried fruit and other food
  • Light, loose-fighting clothing
  • Hats
  • Sun screen

Do you give? Email and tell us how you help.

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For years, Carolyn participated in walks to raise money for breast cancer, brain tumor research and more. After learning about the Rock Your Socks 5K this year, she hit the ground running as a 5K ambassador, fundraiser and participant.



Smile! You are helping change the course of people’s lives through dental care.

Chris Mehl, client and advocate, testified to the Maryland General Assembly this year about the quality dental care he receives thanks to you. Here is what he said to our elected officials in Annapolis:


Jackie is one of the regulars at the Wednesday diabetes classes that nurse Shailah Bevans teaches with therapist Ebony Hicks in our West Baltimore clinic. At 49, Jackie has an open and kind face—one that doesn’t readily reveal the trauma she experienced as a young woman or the hard work of singlehandedly raising nine kids.


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