Fighting the flu starts with you!


In just a few weeks, trips to the beach will come to a halt, the kids will go back to school and those warm, sunny days will become just fleeting memories. But the cooler weather doesn't only signify the end of summer, it also marks the start of flu season.

This year, we are specifically working to dispel the many myths surrounding the flu vaccine. Do you know what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to the flu shot? Read through some of these common myths and learn why getting the yearly vaccine can significantly reduce your chances of catching the virus:

Myth #1 The flu shot causes the flu.

It’s impossible. The virus in the injection is dead. If you start feeling poorly after receiving the vaccine, you’re either having a reaction or you’ve caught a different bug altogether.

Myth #2 The shot has major side effects.

Your arm might be a little sore. You may feel a bit tired. But most people don’t experience more than a little discomfort, and it typically only lasts a day or two.  

Myth #3 Only older people need to get vaccinated.

While it’s true that seniors, infants and people with chronic health conditions are most at risk for developing complications due to the flu, EVERYBODY (6 months and older) should get the vaccine.

Myth #4 An egg allergy should prevent you from getting the shot. 

It’s true—flu vaccines contain teeny, tiny amounts of egg protein but typically not enough to cause a reaction. Don’t let an egg allergy stop you from getting the vaccine.

Myth #5 You can’t receive a shot if you have a cold.

If you have a high fever, you should definitely wait until you’re feeling better but a slight case of the sniffles shouldn’t stop you from getting a vaccine.

Myth #6 If you got a shot last year, you don’t need another one.

Wrong. The virus is always mutating, and in turn, so is the vaccine. Scientists decide which strain to target each season. Just because you got a shot last year doesn’t mean you’ll be protected this year. 

Myth #7 The shot isn’t really effective.

The vaccine isn’t guaranteed to prevent the flu 100% of the time, but it greatly reduces the chance of contracting the virus in healthy people and it could save your life!


Please share this information with your family and friends—you could help save a life! And as always, we encourage each of you to get your shot as early as possible to keep yourselves, our clients and the greater community safe from the flu. 

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