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This month, thanks to a combination of our amazing HR team, staff representatives across the agency and client leaders, we launched a 5-day New Hire Orientation to prepare new staff members for their work ahead. New hires spent the week (outlined below) immersing themselves in all things Health Care for the Homeless—ensuring that they feel welcomed, informed and ready to do their best work!

Rooted in our mission and values, the orientation helped staff members learn who does what in the agency and was a time for everyone to get to know one another. Take it from new team member and Disability Assistance Outreach Specialist Marc Bowman: “The experience of putting names and titles with faces was instrumental and made you feel a part of the organization.”

But, according to new staff members who participated, spending time with clients was one of the biggest highlights. Over lunch with the Board of Directors Consumer Relations Committee and during a client story-telling session, staff members heard from clients about their experience with homelessness and their new work as advocates. 

“It was powerful to be able to have time with the clients to see the impact that they have made on the agency and the impact the agency has made on them. Their stories are ones of strength, courage and determination. I appreciate that we were able to meet with the clients during orientation and it made me even more excited to be able to work with them further,” said Therapist Case Manager Haley Croney.

This was the first new hire orientation of many. The HR crew is working to make the second iteration of orientation even better and are gearing up to welcome the next group in May. Moving forward, we’ll be holding a New Hire Orientation every four weeks (to coincide with pay periods) for all new hires.

Questions? Email Eric Fogt.

our first New Hire Orientation Agenda

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