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No more scrambling


By Lindsey Weikert, Lead Therapist Case Manager II

A few weeks ago, I got to the clinic in a bit of a panic and sent this email to staff:

Staff across the organization stepped up to help immediately. Now I’m hoping you will be just as responsive.

To truly help people working to regain health and home, we need to be nimble. And we need to be a reliable partner. With a monthly gift, you can help me stay one step ahead in meeting urgent needs in the community.

To be honest, I was alarmed that we didn’t have any bags of food in the pantry that morning. I thought about how each of us needs rest, healthy food and a sense of safety to thrive.

It is unfair to expect someone in pain, or who is hungry and tired, to focus on complex paperwork or fully engage in a therapy session.

I can’t predict exactly what someone walking through our doors will need, but I know that having the flexibility to offer food, new socks, or other essentials can help.

Your monthly donation gives us the chance to be more responsive to challenges as they arise. Hours after I sent my email, we filled hundreds of bags with soups, canned fruit, tuna fish, trail mix and other pantry basics.

With a sustaining gift, you can make sure my colleagues and I have what we need, when we need it – whether it’s a bag of food, a medication co-pay, or a housing application fee.

You give us those critical essentials:

  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Health care
  • Access to a safe apartment
  • Supportive services to stay housed

With basic needs covered each month, we can ALL put more attention where it’s needed: Advocacy to confront policies grounded in racism that cause and perpetuate homelessness.

Can I count you in? 


Health Care for the Homeless has very limited storage and we are not in a position to accept food donations. The best way you can help address urgent needs is by donating funds that give us the flexibility to pay for what we need, when clients need it – whether food, medicine, housing application fees, etc.

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