Not all superheroes wear capes.


When it comes to taking steps to end homelessness, Justice League team member Carolyn Henrich walks the walk—literally.

For years, Carolyn participated in walks to raise money for breast cancer, brain tumor research and more. After learning about the Rock Your Socks 5K this year, she hit the ground running as a 5K ambassador, fundraiser and participant.


 “I don’t know any other organization like Health Care for the Homeless. You’re really helping turn people’s lives around,”Carolyn says. “Homelessness is a problem we can help solve.”

Carolyn’s fundraising efforts are already making a huge difference. In just a few months, she mobilized 29 donors to raise 2,102 dollars—enough to give 16 children experiencing homelessness care they can’t get anywhere else.

YOU can follow in Carolyn's fundraising footsteps by using her simple tips below:  

1. Use your network: After years of volunteering and fundraising for walks around the state, Carolyn  built a strong network of people, excited to support her efforts. You have a network, too! Start by making a list of your inner circle of friends, coworkers and family members, and let them know that you’re signed up for the Rock Your Socks 5K.

2. Ask for support: Carolyn started by sending an email to everyone she knew, encouraging them to donate, register and spread the word. 

3. Be persistent: Carolyn wasn’t afraid to ask twice. She reminded people in person and sent a follow up e-mail to make sure it didn’t get buried in the busy-ness of people’s inboxes.

With some simple asks, this superhero made huge strides in funding care for kids without homes.  And you can, too!

Join Carolyn at the Rock Your Socks 5K on November 3—or donate to one of our fundraising teams! Same-day registration starts at 7:45 a.m. at Lake Montebello.  

Donate here! 

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