Masks are still required in all Health Care for the Homeless clinics and other health care buildings. Find COVID-19 updates here.

Our doors don't close for Omicron


Two years into the pandemic, the Omicron variant serves as a sobering reminder of the persistent dangers posed by COVID-19. We face long lines for tests. Even more of our friends and family are testing positive. And those we serve—disproportionately people of color—face the greatest harm and uncertainty.

In our clinics, nearly 30% of clients tested positive in last two weeks of December, exceeding the State’s 25% positivity rate at the time. And while COVID testing numbers here declined in the first two weeks of January, the infection rate remains painfully consistent, as 1 in 3 clients test positive for the virus.

Amidst the ups and downs, we’re keeping our doors open and staff and clients safe through:

  • Comprehensive telehealth services
  • Full in-person care across clinic sites downtown, in West Baltimore and Baltimore County
  • Rapid COVID-19 testing for symptomatic clients
  • Daily COVID-19 vaccination and boosters
  • Prescription treatment for COVID-19
  • Mandatory COVID boosters for all staff members

January also brought with it a few noteworthy milestones:

  • Nearly 6,000 total clients were fully vaccinated in 2021, with 380 fully vaccinated and boosted.
  • We recently gained approval to administer COVID vaccines for children ages 5-11. As of January 10 nearly two dozen children age 5+ have already gotten vaccinated.
  • On January 10, Physician Max Romano and COVID Nurse Lakisha Morgan administered our first three courses of PAXLOVID, an anti-viral medication authorized for emergency use that is highly effective in reducing hospitalization for eligible clients.

Behavioral health therapists like Deirdre Hoey are spending more time talking to clients about how to handle the increased risk of COVID in their everyday activities and, as she says, “differentiating between things they can control and things beyond their control.”  A helpful distinction for us all.

Deirdre says, “Positive human connection remains the most important part of my work, regardless of however COVID changes the workflow of any given day.”

To get your own free at-home COVID tests, visit and enter your home address.

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