Our masks can't hide our smiles


Protecting the lives of people experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing challenge. But every day we are inspired by the outpouring of support you’ve shown for our staff and the people we serve.

Over the last several weeks, our community has rallied to donate money and protective equipment, including over 1,200 cloth masks. Your mask donations show how your care and compassion can turn even the simplest items into something that can be life-saving.

“A lot of the fabric I used came from quilts or blankets that I never quite got around to finishing,” says Sara Buth Waire, who donated 48 masks. “In a way, they became what they were meant to be: small pieces of fabric coming together to support something bigger.”

We’ve already given out 800 masks, at a rate of roughly 250 a week. And we’re making sure they go directly to the people who need them most.

“Our neighbors without homes do not have the privilege of staying home,” says Dr. Parita Patel, our Dental Director and coordinator of our mask distribution effort during COVID-19. “Your masks empower our clients to protect each other and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

We aren’t out of the woods, but you give our staff and clients hope. Thank you for doing all you can to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Feeling inspired? You can help, too!

We can always use masks. Here are some tips from a pro (Meghan Curran, who donated 65 masks) to help you out:

  • Don’t be afraid to get started. Masks don’t need straight seams to work effectively.
  • Tap into your social networks online. You’d be surprised how many of your friends have fabric just waiting for a purpose.
  • Look to the internet for help. There are countless blogs with free patterns and tips.
  • Stick with it. The more you sew, the better you’ll get!

For everyone's safety, contact us BEFORE you attempt to give.

Email donations@hchmd.org

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