A Purrr-fect Partnership


Baltimore’s perfect rough and tumble mascot. The Mayor of Hampden. Instagram influencer.

We’re talking about Killer, an orange cat who is low on teeth, but full of charm. He can be seen chatting with customers at Common Ground, chowing down on sushi from Nori and sunbathing in Flaunt salon. But he uses his “cat-titude” for more than adoration from friendly passersby.

Since last September, Killer’s mom Joy Sushinsky and Debbie Miller, a member of Killer’s entourage, have worked with businesses like Nori and the American Visionary Arts Museum to donate 35 home starter kits for newly-housed Health Care for the Homeless clients. These kits include the things we all need to make our house feel like home: kitchenware, bedding and even decorations. And they provide a warm welcome for families who are moving into a new place after experiencing homelessness.

As a realtor, Joy feels a special connection to Health Care for the Homeless. “Home is so important. I work with people who have stable housing, so this experience really opened my eyes. People wait for housing for so long, and they shouldn’t have to worry about having simple things like forks, tea towels and cleaning supplies.” Joy wants Killer’s fans to know that when it comes to supporting our neighbors without homes, putting aside judgment and taking the time to help is crucial. Together, the pair reminds us that we don’t know the struggles people carry with them.

She says, “People judge Killer because of how he looks, but they don’t know his story. I adopted Killer as a kitten after he was found wandering alone outside. But now, he has a safe place to sleep and a community that loves and protects him—something we know everyone deserves.” Killer and his crew dropped off donations to our downtown clinic this February, and they are planning another visit this fall. Meanwhile, he’s gearing up to be a celebrity judge in the BARCS Halloween costume contest. His costume? Sushi!

Follow in Killer's paw prints. 

Donate to help people move home

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