Social work without borders


Passion and authenticity.

Those are the core values our staff shared with four social work students from Kochi, India last week.

The four students, who are studying at Rajagiri College, paid us a visit as a part of a two-week program with the University of Maryland School of Social Work. Back at school, they work with migrant workers, women and children, as well as families who have lost loved ones. They came here to better understand how we approach social work in the United States.

Lucky for them, staff members came together to lead a tour and discuss our history and services. Staff who participated included...

  • Darrin Coley
  • Deirdre Hoey
  • Eddie Martin
  • Gerardo Benavides
  • Jan Caughlan
  • Kevin Lindamood
  • Lauren Ojeda
  • Maria Smaldone

"The best part was learning from them, because the group’s shared insight was eye-opening," said Gerardo. 

Most surprising to our visitors was how structural inequality and poverty can give way to homelessness, even in an affluent country like the United States. Both staff and students reaffirmed a shared dedication to improving the lives of marginalized communities wherever they may be.

We hope that these values will travel with our new friends as they continue their journeys. 

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