Staying active, even during COVID-19


Does exercise and fitness look different for you in the midst of COVID-19?

We reached out to past Rock Your Socks 5K attendees and clients, Yogi Albert, Maggie Shearin and Daryl Fraiser, to see what’s changed and get their advice on staying active. 

Why is fitness important to you?​

Yogi Albert: Fitness removes a lot of stress and helps me feel purified. It puts me in a better head space when dealing with people or irritating situations. I even have a podcast called Yogi Albert Speaks where I interviewed Kevin Lindamood last year! 

Daryl Fraiser: Fitness helps my spirit, mind and body. I'm 54 and I don't have any health problems with high blood pressure or cholesterol. I stopped using drugs two years ago – that’s by God’s grace.

Maggie Shearin: Fitness keeps me going and reminds me that I still have lots of life in me. Yeah, I’m 60, but I do a lot of walking and I stay busy!

What do you do to stay active?

Yogi Albert: I do yoga every morning and things like walking up steps, pushups and lifting weights. I've been doing yoga for 50 years. Now I do regenerative and restorative yoga, which helps the body AND mind remove stress.

Daryl Fraiser: Running is my passion. I do that in the morning. I also ride my scooter every day and lift weights.

Maggie Shearin: I have very active grandchildren who keep me busy.  

How has COVID-19 changed your fitness routine? What are you doing to adjust?

Yogi Albert: I’m used to talking to lots of people in different parts of the city every day! COVID reminds me of being on lockdown in prison. Social lockdown is a daily reality but I can practice yoga at any place and any time. Yoga itself speaks to me and others…it spiritually moves people.

Daryl Fraiser: COVID has changed my life a lot. I used to run with a group of friends but since COVID I’ve been running by myself. Which isn’t that too bad because I don’t mind running 15-20 miles by myself. 

Maggie Shearin: This pandemic isolates you from your social life. Normally I go to exercise classes with friends, but now I can't and it makes me feel alone. Now I do art work at home and spend time connecting on Facebook. 

What’s your advice to someone just starting to exercise?

Yogi Albert: Only spend 15-20 minutes doing it at first, learning the correct way. Learn the practice for 2-3 weeks everyday so you can execute it properly. Yoga can benefit anyone, anywhere, at any time and the results are peace of mind and body.

Daryl Fraiser: Take your time, go slow, work yourself into it with patience. Don’t overwork yourself and persevere. I didn’t start running 10-15 miles over night, it took time. You have to get your rest and eat the proper food.

Maggie Shearin: Stop using the word "can't," and motivate yourself. Everything is possible when you believe in yourself. You can do it! 


Whether you already have a strong fitness routine or are just getting started, you can join our online community to find more fitness tips and even share some of your own.

And don't forget to register for our virtual 2020 Rock Your Socks 5K from Saturday, November 7-Sunday,November 8.


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