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What really matters to you?


By Kevin Lindamood, President and CEO

If you're like me, you see the New Year as the perfect time for reflecting on what really matters to you. 

As a friend of Health Care for the Homeless, you understand the urgent need to end homelessness. Now I ask you to take the next step and become a sustaining donor to the cause, with a monthly gift to support more of the work you value. 

Some 9,000 of our neighbors will seek care at Health Care for the Homeless in 2022. Here, they find skilled health professionals committed to giving quality, inclusive care. 

Your monthly gift delivers ongoing support for essential services that insurance public funding simply won't cover. 

It is disheartening to start another year with the continued threat of COVID-19. But we can draw strength by looking out for one another. 

Here's what your monthly donation delivers: 

  • Care and medicine
  • Therapy and skills to cope with trauma and depression
  • Help getting essential benefits like food, child care and housing
  • Interpreters and bilingual providers to care for everyone who needs us
  • Support to find and move into housing
  • Advocacy to change policies that create—and extend—homelessness.

If there's one thing I know after two decades of this work, it's that real change happens when we resolve to act on our values. 

Will you commit to being a steady source of support and care by making a monthly donation? 



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