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PI: Flu Vaccine

Goal: 45% of eligible clients will receive a flu vaccine 

Why do we want our clients to get flu vaccines? The treatable virus has the potential to become fatal for our clients due to complications that arise from unstable living conditions and chronic illness. The annual flu vaccine is easily administered and has the potential to save lives!

How are we going to get there? Both clients and staff have some misconceptions about the flu vaccine. This flu season, which will begin in a few short weeks, we are working to debunk the myths surrounding the flu shot. We have created a host of educational materials for distribution at all of our sites and are encouraging everyone to get a flu shot as soon as possible in order to keep our community healthy and flu-free.

We're working on increasing the numbers with two demographics—young men who have been clients less than 6 months, and older men who have been clients for a while. These groups typically don't receive a vaccine, so working to get them on board should seriously pay off! 

update: november 2017

We have hit our highest client flu vaccination rate ever across all sites! Our West Baltimore clinic has reached the 45% goal, but must work hard to maintain it through the remainder of flu season. Our Downtown and Baltimore County clinics have to keep pushing to reach the 45% goal.

The nurses and CMAs at 421 Fallsway run a weekly "Sock it to the Flu" clinic in the lobby on Wednesday mornings. Clients get a pair of warm socks to go along with their flu vaccination. The clinics will run through the end of flu season, as long as clients show up to get the shot.