Performance Improvement

Knowing how we're doing is key to getting better at what we do.

At Health Care for the Homeless we maintain a performance improvement program that objectively and continuously monitors, evaluates and improves the quality of our work. This program includes systems to:

  • measure performance at the agency, team and individual levels
  • maximize client and staff safety; to manage and mitigate risk
  • identify and act on improvement opportunities 


Chuck Amos, Director of Performance Improvement

Everybody deserves excellent health care, no matter where they sleep at night. Our performance improvement work helps to ensure that we provide excellent care to everyone we serve.

The success of our performance improvement program requires collaboration among staff, leadership and clients across all Health Care for the Homeless teams and sites to improve the health of our clients and the quality of our care.

This program is guided by a Performance Improvement Committee that annually identifies goals and updates our Performance Improvement Plan. Our six goals for 2016 are:

  1. Advance the use of data for population health and clinical integration to help our clients receive the care they need when they need it
  2. Strengthen our chronic disease management program to ensure chronically ill clients at Health Care for the Homeless have reliable access to care that is comprehensive, coordinated and continuous
  3. Improve the quality of our data on client housing status, and strengthen how we relate housing status to other quality measures
  4. Standardize our policies and procedures so that staff at all sites have access to current information
  5. Empower administrative staff to use clinical data in the decision making process
  6. Increase the engagement of staff, clients, the Board of Directors and community partners in our performance improvement work

We have identified more than 30 quality measures across all of our disciplines to ensure that our clients receive high-quality care.