Winter shelter status. Winter shelter status is in effect from December 8 until 11 a.m. on December 12. Single adults go to WHRC or call 443-478-3777. Families call ahead to Sarah's Hope 410-396-2204 or Salvation Army 410-685-8878. 

Stephen Davidson

“What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear!” Expect a big smile and a joke like this one whenever you see Stephen Davidson. “I’ve got to learn a new way of living. A new way of dealing with things. It’s the first time I’ve experienced medical difficulties. First time I’ve been in a wheelchair. First time I can’t work. But I might as well have a good attitude about it.”

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Thomas Riddle

Throughout his life, Thomas Riddle was passionate about music and cars. These things brought him happiness. But from the time he was a child, something was missing. It took a heroin habit and homelessness at the age of 50 for him to identify what that was. In his own words, Thomas talks about the importance of love.

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Mary Beth

“I got a late Christmas gift this year.” That’s how Mary Beth describes the moment her therapist, Jill, told her she had secured a dental appointment for her at our downtown clinic.

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Walt Mell

Walt Mell’s blue eyes droop just a little but they have a twinkle to them. His whole face smiles when he talks. The last 20 or so of his 53 years have been hard. But what you notice right away about Walt is his levity. He goes to the ER for his regular nosebleeds, he says, and he comes to the Health Care for the Homeless clinic in Baltimore County to bring cookies to the staff and "fatten them up."

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People experiencing homelessness are twice as likely as their housed counterparts to experience a heart attack or stroke.

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We did it! Together, with more than 70 donors and generous matching funds from Figure 53 and Republic National Distributing Company, we exceeded our $30,000 goal for life-changing dental care!


On Wednesday, December 21, we celebrate Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. An occasion marked annually by communities across the country, we come together in Baltimore on this winter solstice and longest night of the year to honor our neighbors without homes who have died in the past year. Please join us for remembrance, reflection and celebration.


Homelessness in Maryland is on the rise and the need for the health and housing services we offer is greater than ever. 


Due to the drop in the temperature, additional beds are available for single adults and families as a part of Baltimore City’s winter shelter plan.


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