As a young girl, Kassie Carter saw first-hand the impact of poor dental care. “I knew there needed to be an awareness of dental care in our family, because no one had any teeth.

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Teddy Maddox

In and out of the system—and homelessness. I’ve been a ward of the state most of my life. I’ve never had an opportunity to know my parents or my real family or my siblings. So I’ve been in and out of state facilities. I was a ward of the state as a baby. Then I ran away from home when I found out I was a foster kid, and I turned to the streets. This is back in the 60s.

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Walt Mell

Walt Mell’s blue eyes droop just a little but they have a twinkle to them. His whole face smiles when he talks. The last 20 or so of his 53 years have been hard. But what you notice right away about Walt is his levity. He goes to the ER for his regular nosebleeds, he says, and he comes to the Health Care for the Homeless clinic in Baltimore County to bring cookies to the staff and "fatten them up."

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Kim Carroll on Eliza

For many years, Eliza cycled in and out of hospitals, jails and the street. For the last two-plus years she has been safely housed, and in the last eight months, she has not been admitted or incarcerated once. Her home, which she secured through the Supportive Housing at Health Care for the Homeless, is the symbolic center of her life.

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You could fill Oriole Park at Camden Yards 217 times with Americans who sleep each night in shelters, in public places and doubled up with others.

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