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PI: Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Goal: 45% of eligible medical clients will have an up-to-date colorectal cancer screening 

Why are we interested in colorectal cancer screenings? Cancer is scary—and like homelessness, it doesn’t discriminate. We know that preventative medicine is the best medicine, so we’re doing all we can to get as many clients as possible screened for colorectal cancer.

What are we doing to reach this goal? Providers are educating clients about early detection, along with the nitty-gritty on the two available types of colorectal cancer screenings—the fecal immunochemical test (FIT), a non-invasive test for clients who are not at high-risk for being diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and the colonoscopy. Medical assistants are calling clients with upcoming appointments to encourage them to get screened on their next visit to one of our clinics. We are learning that incentives are the way to go! We began issuing Subway gift cards late last year to clients who complete and return a FIT. Offering this small incentive has been enough to tip the scales in an upward direction.

What's up next? Our medical assistants, according to care team, are calling any client who is overdue for a colorectal cancer screening to remind them to get screened next time they are in the clinic.