Our pediatrics team is on the move

Our pediatrics team members usually don’t sit still. Sitting still means they’re not out meeting people—and meeting people is key. So they get out in the community a few days a week and visit shelters across the city. Nurse Practitioner Judy Kandel and Social Worker Debbie Wilcox visit Booth House on Wednesday mornings. Here, they share an office and together, helping connect families who are staying in the shelter to care.

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Housing is health care

Kassie Carter

As a young girl, Kassie Carter saw first-hand the impact of poor dental care. “I knew there needed to be an awareness of dental care in our family, because no one had any teeth.

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We advocate for individual clients, but we also advocate for policy change because it’s the only way to end homelessness for ALL our clients.

Barbara DiPietro , Senior Director, Policy


In 2005, for the first time, there was no jurisdiction in America where a full-time, minimum-wage worker could afford a one-room apartment.

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From our hearts to yours - thank you! 

"Our compassion. It’s a real genuine place. We actually do care about what we do on a day-to-day basis. That’s why Health Care for the Homeless is special. I try to treat everybody with respect, and usually I get it back."

Kenny Willis , front desk

Olivia and Caroline

An escape from domestic violence in summer 2014 quickly landed 22-year-old Olivia and her young daughter, Caroline, on Baltimore’s streets. With her mother no longer living, her father in prison and her siblings struggling with their own challenges, Olivia had no safety net and nowhere to go.

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