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You've canvassed, made phone calls and rallied to let City Hall know that the time for affordable housing is now—
and they've been listening. 

The road to Funding the Trust

April 16: Health Care for the Homeless joined partners to introduce the Fund the Trust Act, a bill that would require public dollars to go into the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

August 10:  Thanks to strong grassroots advocacy from the community (including YOU) and a strong coalition, the mayor and city council leaders agreeed to take the first step to fund the Trust Fund!

September 27: The amended Fund the Trust Act came to a vote in the Taxation, Finance and Economic Development Committee and was passed.

October 15: Following a rally in City Hall, the Baltimore City Council voted unanimously to Fund the Trust to create, rehabilitate and protect more than 4,100 affordable housing units over the next 10 years.  

  • The council voted to completely strike the "sunset" clause, which would have set the bill to expire in seven years. 
  • The exemption for construction loans for projects currently in the pipeline with a building permit was reduced to six months after the Fund the Trust Act goes into effect.
  • The exemption for residential, or owner-occupied, projects valued at over $1 million is still set at two years after the Fund the Trust Act goes into effect.


What's next?

The 3rd and final reader for the Fund the Trust Act will take place on Monday, October 29 at 5 p.m. You are invited to celebrate with United Workers, the Baltimore Housing Roundtable and us at City Hall as the Mayor signs the bill, and together, we finally #FundTheTrust.