Support the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in Baltimore City!

On April 16, Health Care for the Homeless joined partners to introduce the Fund the Trust Act, a bill that would require public dollars to go into the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. This Fund has gotten ZERO investment since it was created in 2016.

This bill would create a one-time, 1% surcharge on sales and transfers of non-owner-occupied properties. The surcharge is estimated to generate approximately $20 million a year for the Fund. 

Businesses are starting to pressure council members to modify or withdrawal their support. Let’s show them that the community supports affordable housing…and we want them to stand strong on funding the Trust!

Contact your councilperson, thank them for co-sponsoring the Fund the Trust Act and encourage them to move the bill forward!

Look up your councilperson's contact information here, and use the below template to either call or email them to remind them that the Fund helps low-income families and creates more affordable housing in the city.

Hello Councilmember,

Thank you for co-sponsoring the Fund the Trust Act, Council Bill 18-0221. We are counting on you to champion this important piece of legislation. We urge you to keep these three important points in mind:

  1. The Act could generate $20 million for affordable housing in our city through a small increase in a one-time surcharge. It’s not a property tax increase. It's a one-time surcharge on the transfer of real property interests by for-profit owners, businesses and trusts. And it will not apply to people buying their own homes in the city.
  2. Rents will not increase and home sales will not decrease because of this minor surcharge. Research clearly shows that these small, one-time transaction-based fees do not increase rents or negatively affect home sales volumes. 
  3. The proposed fee is LESS than those in major cities in our region. A 3.5% property transfer and recordation tax fee is in keeping with nearby cities, including Philadelphia (4.1%), Pittsburgh (4.5%) and Wilmington (4%).

Our city is long overdue for more and better affordable housing options—let’s make it happen! We are counting on you to help make Baltimore City a more inclusive, equitable place to call home. Thank you again for your support.