Our Funders

Health Care for the Homeless exists because the community sees injustice and wants to fix it.

We exist because people like you invest in the work it takes to bring about change. You support us through government grants, corporate philanthropy and individual or family gifts. Thank you.

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The Imaginary Sunrays—a group of five fifth-grade girls at Roland Park Elementary—donated 82 new backpacks filled with hygiene products to our clients. Thanks to their efforts, dozens of men and women now have an easier way to store and carry their belongings.  

Our Funding

In 2016 we had $25,762,231 in revenue:

  • 34% ($8,839,981) came from public grants and contracts
  • 39% ($9,900,575) came from insurance reimbursements
  • 8% ($2,058,173) came from contributions
  • 19% ($4,963,502) came from other resources

And in 2016 we had $22,956,090 in expenses:

  • 88% ($20,138,040) went to providing services to clients
  • 8% ($1,859,564) went to covering general and administrative costs
  • 4% ($958,486) went to underwriting our fundraising efforts

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