Supportive Services

Getting and staying healthy requires more than just primary medical care, so we provide a wide variety of services to our neighbors without homes. 

Help securing identification, referrals and transportation to appointments

Many individuals lack basic identifiers like birth certificates, state ID cards and Social Security cards. Because these documents open doors to services like housing and employment, we have a team of social workers who work with individuals to obtain them. They also make referrals to outside resources and transportation, and even escort people to appointments.

Help securing temporary and permanent housing

Because housing assistance is extremely difficult to access and navigate, we have outreach staff and social workers who assess the housing needs of individuals engaged in other Health Care for the Homeless services and develop a plan to connect them to appropriate and available housing resources. These staff members research housing options, contact landlords and help clients through the housing application process.

If you or someone you know need a place to stay tonight, call the Baltimore City Shelter Hotline: 443-984-9540.
The hotline operates from 9:30 a.m.-9 p.m

Supports to help individuals stay housed

Once particularly vulnerable clients are housed, staff members provide the supports they need to transition to housing and stay housed, including representative payee services, occupational therapy, group therapy and help with daily basics like house cleaning and shopping.

Group support activities

Our care providers facilitate support groups to promote overall physical and psychological wellbeing—from  women’s and men’s peer groups to groups that focus on smoking cessation, diabetes education, stress reduction, life skills, writing and art.

Public benefits assistance, including insurance and income

Most of the people we care for have very little to no income, which qualifies them for a variety of public benefits including Medicaid, food stamps and federal and state disability and cash assistance programs. Our staff members help them navigate the complex processes to apply for and secure these and other benefits.


Albert Miller is a Board of Directors member and was featured in our 2023 "We are a Mirror of Love" original documentary. He has used yoga, meditation, and "constant volunteerism" to process the anger that weighed him down for much of his life. "I am patient, creative and full of life."

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