Baltimore City ​Overdose Alert - A spike in overdoses was detected on Wednesday, May 23 in Southwest Baltimore. Such spikes are often related to tainted or particularly potent heroin (including heroin laced with fentanyl). Please share this information and encourage family, friends and neighbors to get trained to administer the overdose-reversing medication, Naloxone.


Our National Partner

Since 1986, the National Health Care for the Homeless Council has led a national call for comprehensive health care and secure housing for all.

The council collaborates with government agencies and private institutions to solve complex problems associated with homelessness, and it provides member support and advocacy to more than 200 Health Care for the Homeless programs across the country—including yours truly.


We are a proud member of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council. We employ three staff members of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council at our Baltimore City headquarters office; they provide important national and policy perspectives on our local work and inform national policy with on-the ground perspective. Meanwhile, Health Care for the Homeless staff members provide critical leadership on a national level, by serving on a range of Council committees and constituent groups, including the National Consumer Advisory Board, the National Respite Care Providers Network and the National Clinicians Network.

Our CEO, Kevin Lindamood, is president-elect of the national Council’s Board of Directors.