Who We Help

This year we will care for 10,000 people.

Who are they? They are us.

We are children, youth, families and adults... But we live in shelters; transitional housing; on other people’s couches; and on the streets—under bridges, on benches and in tents, abandoned buildings and cars.

Some of us don’t know where we will sleep tonight, and most of us don’t know when or where we will eat our next meal.  ​

We are among the millions of people across our country who, because of deeply embedded racism in our society, structures and ourselves, have been denied opportunities for health, happiness and safety.


Client, during a telehealth phone visit

"I'm so grateful that people still care and are checking on me."


Women in crisis have a safe space and excellent care because of you. Your support makes sure women like Linda Mason get care when they need it most.

Linda’s world flipped upside down when her cancer returned two years ago. Isolated and afraid, Linda turned to alcohol to numb the pain and fear. Luckily, she knew where she could go for help.

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