Who We Help

This year we will care for 12,000 individuals without homes.

Who are they? They are us.

They are children, youth, families and adults... But they are living in shelters; transitional housing; on other people’s couches; and on the streets—under bridges, on benches and in tents, abandoned buildings and cars. Some don’t know where they will sleep tonight, and most don’t know when or where they will eat their next meal.  

They are employed and unemployed; educated and career professionals; veterans of war; immigrants; black, white and brown; gay, straight and transgender... But they also are victims of abuse, loss and bad luck.

They get sick and need assistance... But they are the poorest of the poor, for whom life’s simplest tasks are a challenge.

They are us... But they also are among the millions of people across our country who, thanks to bad public policies, are edged out of opportunities for affordable housing and livable incomes.

James Barnes, Client

"People who experience homelessness come from all different backgrounds, and people become homeless for all different types of reasons. You’re not going to find just the drug addict and the wino, but people who become homeless because of the loss of a job, family, car or house; a lack of work; or because of a death in the family or a divorce."


Jimmy's new home at Sojourner Place is the "launch pad" for his future. Next up: putting his old plumbing tools back to work. 

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