Core Values

Our core values are the collective promise we at Health Care for the Homeless make each day to ourselves, each other and the people we serve. They guide our work and relationships. They hold fast when we shift direction or change. They undergird our culture. They ground us in what is good, right and true.

Each day we commit to:

Core Values, Practiced Daily

These core values were identified by Health Care for the Homeless staff, clients and community members. Each year staff members honor those peers who best embody the core values with a staff Core Values award. These six staff members best embodied our core values in 2017. Our “HCH-er at Heart” best embodied them all.


Anna Litt

Anna works with clients that others shy away from in her role as lead therapist case manager on the supportive housing team. She motivates them to engage in their own care and to try to grow beyond the walls of Health Care for the Homeless. Through her care, she's been able to help some of the sickest people transition from our services to lives in the community. 



Pam Ford 

A certified medical assistant at our Fallsway clinic, Pam is willing to do whatever it takes to care for her clients. Her colleagues talk about her steadiness and consistency. She not only does her job well, she does it with both respect and compassion for those around her. 


Caitlin Synovec 

As a psychiatric occupational therapist, Caitlin's unceasing positivity enourages both co-workers and clients. She is a tireless advocate for our clients with traumatic brain injuries, and while realistic in her assessment of their limitations, she is optimistic and brave in developing goals for their recovery. 


Gerardo Benavides 

Gerardo is inquisitive; he asks hard and important questions, when many of us do not. And his work is led by an overarching spirit of inclusion—he strives to bring eveyone in, and leave nobody out. As our community relations coordinator, Gerardo helps to make sure that everyone in our communinty is treated equally and fairly.  


Pete Iacovelli 

After 20 years at Health Care for the Homeless, Pete continues to show up to work day after day ready to fight for our clients and their access to health care. As Medicare/MCO coordinator, his knowlege about Medicare is unmatched; he helps others navigate what is a very frustrating and confusing system. He is extremely supportive to clients and co-workers alike.  


Ebony Hicks 

A behavioral health consultant at our West Baltimore clinic, Ebony believes that healthy staff make for healthy clients. She leads a nutrition group to equip her clients with the tools and resources necessary to lead healthy lives, and does the same for fellow staff members by encouraging healthy eating challenges, relaxation methods and positive dialogue. 

HCH-er at Heart

Clementine Alford 

Clementine works to get some of our most vulnerable clients housed as a peer advocate. A quiet spirit, she has a genuine way of building relationships with those around her. She goes above and beyond to support her team and her clients. She is always striving to make Health Care for the Homeless a better place.