Core Values

Our core values are the collective promise we at Health Care for the Homeless make each day to ourselves, each other and the people we serve. They guide our work and relationships. They hold fast when we shift direction or change. They undergird our culture. They ground us in what is good, right and true.

Each day we commit to:

Core Values, Practiced Daily

These core values were identified by Health Care for the Homeless staff, clients and community members. Each year staff members honor those peers who best embody the core values with a staff Core Values award. These six staff members best embodied our core values in 2023. Our “HCH-er at Heart” best embodied them all.


Kim Taylor 

Community Health Worker

“Dignity is having empathy, listening to a person’s life situation by validating a person’s contribution and encouraging each person’s opinion and input. I accept this award with a grateful heart. Thanks to the West Baltimore site team, I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support.”


Keri Rojas, CMA

Certified Medical Assistant

"I thank everyone at HCH for honoring me with the Authenticity award, and I am truly humble and appreciative of this recognition. I will cherish it as a reminder to always stay true to myself and to inspire others to embrace their authentic selves."


Alkema Jackson

Interim Practice Manager, WB

"Dr. Maya Angelou once said that 'Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same space.' We must make hope contagious so that people can survive, and graduate to thriving."


Janel Taylor, SHRM-CP

Talent Program Manager

"Justice is a beautiful word that is often devalued in our society. I am honored to work at HCH, alongside peers that uphold justice. Remember that your work matters, your voice matters, your ideas matter, and your justice matters."


Gregory Rogers, CCHW, CPRS

Senior Community Health Worker

"As a Senior CHW with lived experience, I have been able to fulfill God’s purpose in my life, to serve his people daily. From suffering to passion, God’s Grace and Mercy."


Ester Vigueras

Call Center Specialist

"Balance to me is finding the right balance to blend my own life responsibilities and work responsibilities. As a call center representative at HCH, my responsibility is to treat my team and clients with dignity and with worth—in a way they feel respected and valued."

HCH-er at Heart

Cheryl Hunter, CMA

Certified Medical Assistant

“I try always to keep in mind that I can give the same care and treatment that I wish to receive.”



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