Core Values

Our core values are the collective promise we at Health Care for the Homeless make each day to ourselves, each other and the people we serve. They guide our work and relationships. They hold fast when we shift direction or change. They undergird our culture. They ground us in what is good, right and true.

Each day we commit to:

Core Values, Practiced Daily

These core values were identified by Health Care for the Homeless staff, clients and community members. Each year staff members honor those peers who best embody the core values with a staff Core Values award. These six staff members best embodied our core values in 2019. Our “HCH-er at Heart” best embodied them all.


Devante Blount

Security Manager

“To me dignity is the most essential and priceless core value. I always say, ‘Those who do not know who they are, are vulnerable to being defined by the world.’ When you find your dignity and self-worth, be a beacon of light and a compass to those who are still on their journey.”



Celena Hoey

Behavioral Health Therapist

"Authenticity brings truth to any situation. Whether that truth initially sparks a feeling of pain or relief, it is guaranteed to bring lasting healing.”


Haley Croney

Therapist Case Manager

"Something that I admire about the clients we work with is that no matter what they have gone through that day, that month, or where they slept the night before, they always show up. They have hope that despite all the bad that things can get better. Our clients deserve to see the good in themselves and we are at this job to help them see that."




Lilian Amaya

Lead Community Health Worker

"Justice is about equity, fairness and respect for every human being.”


Kristin McCurnin

Triage Medical Provider

"Passion is an innate source of power. It is an energy within you that drives a dedication to something bigger than yourself."


Arianne Jennings

Addictions Coordinator

"Every day I wake up extremely grateful to be in this position, to give back and to help others find balance. Balance simply means helping each other, staff and clients alike, find stability in all areas of their lives.”

HCH-er at Heart

Wanda Hopkins

Referrals Coordinator

"Being able to serve others is what matters. As I always say, ‘It’s not about me, but about the clients.’ On any given day dignity, authenticity, hope, justice, passion and balance are displayed by all my fellow colleagues. 

Together we stand. Divided we fall."