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Our Board of Directors

Health Care for the Homeless is guided by a Board of Directors with a range of professional and life experience. Six current members have experienced homelessness first-hand. 


"For me, being part of Health Care for the Homeless, it’s more than just, 'Okay, I have money to donate.' It’s really about helping build an infrastructure to end homelessness. Ultimately that’s the goal. That’s the passion that I feel. That’s the gratification that I feel when I come to the board meetings and various community meetings. It’s a key component for myself and my life and how I live. Family, career, community and professional development—those are the four pillars that I focus on. And Health Care for the Homeless is one of two organizations that I spend my time in community with."

—Rodney Scaife, Board of Directors


As a nonprofit agency, Health Care for the Homeless is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets monthly. Board members bring a range of professional and life experience, including the personal experience of homelessness.

Soliciting and using client input to determine the direction of the agency is central to the Board’s philosophy. Clients participate in selecting services and operating hours, and in defining strategic priorities through membership in the Board Consumer Relations Committee and the Board Governance Committee, among others. Meet our Board.

Cheryl Matricciani, CPA, Esq.


Executive, Development

Board Member Since 2012

Sr. Vice President – Underwriting Operations, General Counsel and Secretary

Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Company of Maryland/Professionals Advocate

Homelessness is an issue that affects the entire community.  It is a pleasure to work with the incredibly dedicated and talented staff and volunteers at Health Care for the Homeless. The organization’s focus on quality and service is demonstrated in dignity and respect with which clients are treated. The group’s collective enthusiasm for solving this complex problem is inspiring.

Elena D. Marcuss, Esq.

First Vice Chair

Human Resources, Governance, Executive

Board Member Since 2015


McGuireWoods LLP

It is inexcusable for people in this country to be without a safe home and quality health care. I feel privileged to be able to work with the leadership and staff of Health Care for the Homeless, all of whom are committed to working to prevent and end homelessness and provide quality healthcare for the citizens of Baltimore. As Dr. Seuss said: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

Rodney H. Scaife

Second Vice Chair

Human Resources, Executive

Board Member Since 2013

Sr. Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The homeless population is probably one of the misunderstood communities within our society. I have had the opportunity to experience the plight of someone that became homeless and after witnessing this very personal situation, I never viewed the homeless population the same again.  Instead of putting an entire community into one bucket, I understood that this community is a collection of individual stories. When I was introduced to Health Care for the Homeless and learned of the great work the organization does for the homeless community, I immediately felt connected to the mission. Health Care for the Homeless provides a holistic approach of the overall health of the individuals which is incredible. The organization provides comprehensive medical, dental, mental health services, Social work/Case Management, as well as outreach within a first class facility. This inspires me to contribute in any way that I possibly can to support the mission and build a stronger organization.

Chelsea N. King


Program and Performance Improvement, Governance, Executive

Board Member Since 2015

Baltimore City is my adopted home. I came here in 2001 to get an education and grow into the person I always wanted to be. Along the way, I fell in love with this city- the good and the bad and realized that I was obligated to use my skills to generate positive change here. Along the way, I came across Health Care for the Homeless. I took a tour of the facilities and after shedding a few tears, I knew I had to help in any possible way.

That was 4 years ago and since that time, I have been honored to work along great volunteers and the amazing staff at Health Care for the Homeless to end homelessness and create the space for opportunity to flourish and change lives. As a child, I experienced homelessness with my family. I have been blessed to grow in a way that I can help others. I know that somewhere in Baltimore, there is a little girl like I was, who just needs a hand up from her community so that she can grow to change the world.

George Watson


Finance and Facilities, Executive

Board Member Since 2009


BW Partners LLC

I love how Health Care for the Homeless sits in the crossroads of dealing with the issues of homelessness. Many times we try to deal with these issues separately when they are in fact so inter-related. Health Care for the Homeless' amazing approach of understanding each individual’s total problem (housing, health, wellness) and dedication to creating a total solution makes such an amazing contribution to our city. I am so proud to play a small part in helping making that happen.

Thomas F. Lansdale III, MD

Immediate Past Chair


Board Member Since 2008


Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care

Health Care for the Homeless has been a priority to me in terms of time and commitment for almost 20 years. Health care should be a universal right in this country, and not be denied people because of their lack of housing or unfortunate life circumstances.

James Barnes

Consumer Relations

Board Member Since 2017

Community Advocate

Brandon Berryain

Public Policy

Board Member Since 2018

Community Advocate

As a client whose "advocate gene" has resurfaced (we were always standing up in the 70's and 80's for positive qualities), HCH is worthy! A humanitarian's philanthropy is well place here! I'm ready to start a NEW!!!


Warren A. Brill, DMD

Finance and Facilities

Board Member Since 2005


Eastpoint Pediatric Dental Association

I am concerned with the plight of those who are homeless and want to be a part of the solution. As a health care professional, I believe that the patient's entire needs should be addressed and establishing optimum oral health is part of the solution. To paraphrase former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, "Oral health is important to overall health". Health Care for the Homeless incorporates this in its total approach to not only the health needs of clients, but also as an important adjunct in its mission.

Grady Butler

Consumer Relations

Board Member Since 2017

Community Advocate

J. Kirby Fowler, Jr.

Public Policy

Board Member Since 2008


Downtown Partnership of Baltimore

I have been supportive of constructive solutions for individuals experiencing homelessness for two decades, and I place great value on the tremendous work of Health Care for the Homeless. In the 1990s, I served on the Board of Directors of South Baltimore Station, a men’s transitional housing center. Over the past 10 years, I served as the Chair of Baltimore Homeless Services and helped to launch Baltimore City’s 10-year plan to end homelessness. While at the Downtown Partnership, I have teamed up with Health Care for the Homeless to find housing for chronically homeless individuals and to provide services to people on the verge of becoming homeless.

Geoffrey H. Glazer

Finance and Facilities, Housing Committee

Board Member Since 2012

Senior Vice President of National Development

Kimco Realty Corporation

Based on today’s needs within Baltimore City I feel that Health Care for the Homeless has been a strong advocate for this particular population within the City, and fills a growing need every day. It has been a constant within the City for a long period of time and has one of the strongest staffs I have seen in a non-profit organization.

Athena Haniotis

Consumer Relations

Board Member Since 2017

Community Advocate

Mark W. Higdon

Finance and Facilities, Governance

Board Member Since 2007


Retired Partner, KPMG

It is indeed a privilege to serve on the Health Care for the Homeless Board. This membership allows me to give back to the Baltimore community utilizing my healthcare experience and financial expertise in a caring and compassionate environment.

Michael B. Jackson, MBA

Public Policy

Board Member Since 2015

Healthcare Strategy Lead, Worldwide Public Sector

Amazon Web Services

As a native of Baltimore City and alumnus of the University of Baltimore, I share a vested interest in the sustainability of our community. While working regularly with leaders throughout the healthcare ecosystem, I have witnessed firsthand the debilitating interrelated effects of inadequate housing and poor health on our most vulnerable neighbors. Despite significant legislative reforms and technological advancements, it is still too easy for many to slip through the cracks into a catastrophic spiral.

I am honored to serve on the Board with such committed members who contribute time and expertise to Health Care for the Homeless in continued support of our mission, which impacts real change where it’s needed most.

Thora Johnson, Esq.

Compliance and Risk Management

Board Member Since 2018



Linda H. Jones, Esq.

Development, Governance

Board Member Since 2006

Of Counsel

Gallagher, Evelius & Jones LLP

I was attracted to Health Care for the Homeless because the organization addresses serious issues of economic injustice both on a human scale through delivery of competent and often life-transforming healthcare services to our most vulnerable citizens and on a larger scale through an effective advocacy program. Through my board service, I have found that the effectiveness and creativity and tenacity of the Health Care for the Homeless staff have far exceeded my expectations.

Niharika Khanna, MD, MBBS, DGO

Program and Performance Improvement

Board Member Since 2016

Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine

University of Maryland School of Medicine

I have practiced Family Medicine in West Baltimore for the last 25 years and have  seen first had the impact of the work that Health Care for the Homeless does in supporting and caring for our fellow citizens. I have had the pleasure of supporting Health Care for the Homeless over the last few years in a small way to achieve their mission. I am honored to serve with this esteemed board to make a difference in the lives of many.



Stuart Levine, MD

Program and Performance Improvement

Board Member Since 2018

President and Chief Medical Officer

MedStar Harbor Hospital, MedStar Health

As a hospital leader in Baltimore City, I see the enormous challenges facing the most vulnerable members of our community every day. Health Care for the Homeless is a true role model for how to deliver world class, patient-centered, compassionate and effective care to all those it serves. It has been a true honor to serve on the Board’s Program and Process Improvement Committee to see firsthand the tireless and innovative work happening in the organization on a daily basis. I am thrilled to join the Board of Directors and continue to work with the incredible leadership and staff at Health Care for the Homeless to help the organization continue to thrive and achieve its mission to prevent and end homelessness in our city.

Pam Malester

Public Policy, Governance

Board Member Since 1995


US Department of Health and Human Services

I got involved with the issue of homelessness because it was abhorrent for me to think that someone did not have a home and would be forced to live on the street. I support Health Care for the Homeless because I know that it provides high quality, comprehensive health care to those who are the most vulnerable in our society. I am proud to be a member of its Board of Directors.

Daniel McCarthy

Housing, Public Policy

Board Member Since 2016

Executive Director

Episcopal Housing Corporation

I have spent my professional career developing affordable housing with an emphasis on providing opportunities for those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. I got involved with Health Care for the Homeless because I am very aware of the high-quality medical services they provide, as well as the critically important supportive housing program they operate. Providing justice takes many forms and I am thrilled to be involved with Health Care for the Homeles and to be one part of the solution to homelessness in Baltimore.

Shannon McMahon, MPA

Public Policy

Board Member Since 2018

Executive Director of Medicaid Policy

Kaiser Permanente

I’m so energized by the opportunity to contribute to the mission of Health Care for the Homeless as a member of the Board at a time when the organization is beginning to work more directly on housing for its clients. It is an opportune time to support health public policy efforts as Medicaid and the health care safety nets continue to be front and center in national political discussions.

Diana Morris, JD

Public Policy

Board Member Since 2018


Open Society Institute-Baltimore

Health Care for the Homeless helps individuals who are suffering because there is unequal and inadequate access to health care, housing and income support in the United States. Serving on the Board provides me with an opportunity to improve these individuals’ access to basic needs as well as rebuild a safety net. I care deeply about people who are marginalized from the region’s many resources. Because Health Care for the Homeless is a well-run organization and based on respect for the dignity of all individuals, serving on the Board is an effective way for me to help bring about change.  

James C. Oliver

Finance and Facilities

Board Member Since 2004

I was born and grew up in Baltimore City, and I still reside here. It is distressing to see, on a daily basis, the plight of so many of my fellow citizens. I feel I need to do something to better their situations, and Health Care for the Homeless provides the most effective means of doing so. Health Care for the Homeless is truly a unique organization in terms of the compassion and commitment of its staff and in terms of its ability to make a difference for those it serves.

David Oros


Board Member Since 2018

Founding Partner

Gamma 3 LLC

Ann “Mickey” Pickett

Public Policy

Board Member Since 2018

Community Advocate

Being on Health Care for the Homeless Board will give me the chance to add my input in matters that are very important to me. Health Care and Homelessness are things that we need to change, and if I can be a small part of that, it makes me very happy to do my part.

Joanne Pollak

Housing, Development

Board Member Since 2018

Retired Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief of Staff

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Over the years as the health care executive with safety oversight for the Johns Hopkins Emergency Department, I had many opportunities to see the important work of HCH in action, including a safety net for ED patients and others experiencing homelessness and needing ongoing medical care. I welcome the opportunity to work with HCH as it implements its new strategic plan embracing healthcare and housing options for its clients.

Paul Sheitel, DPM, FACFAS

Program and Performance Improvement

Board Member Since 1998

Retired Podiatrist

Private Practice

Susan Sherman, PhD

Public Policy, Program and Performance Improvement

Board Member Since 2013

Professor in Health, Behavior and Society

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

My research focuses on the health and wellbeing of drug users and sex workers, examining and intervening upon the environments which engender HIV and other risks in Baltimore, Chiang Mai Thailand, Chennai India  and Moscow, Russia. My work is rooted in social justice and the deep belief that how we treat the members at the far reaches of a society is reflective of the very heart of society. Health Care for the Homeless speaks to this belief, and the respect with which the organization treats every client is exemplary and is the guiding light of the organization and the very reason it has the impact it does.

Mark Smolarz

Finance and Facilities, Human Resources

Board Member Since 1991

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

All people should have access to both housing and health care. These are basic human needs that should be afforded to all regardless of economic status. I am thankful to similar agencies like the International Red Cross and Jewish Distribution Committee that provided my father with both after being liberated from a concentration camp in April 1945. If not, I would not be here today.

Christopher Thomaskutty

Finance and Facilities

Board Member Since 2018

Senior Vice President for Clinical Programs and Chief of Staff

Mercy Health Services

I have spent my time in Baltimore working a stone's throw from Health Care for the Homeless. On a personal and professional level, I have left every interaction with Health Care for the Homeless leadership and staff utterly impressed by their commitment to serve and to lend a voice to the homeless in our City. At Mercy, we cherish our legacy relationship with Health Care for the Homeless. I am honored to have the privilege to serve on the Board and do my part to support our ambitious strategic vision.

Maria Harris Tildon


Board Member Since 2008

Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Community Affairs

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

As a native Baltimorean and an executive in the health care industry, I know firsthand how critically important and sometimes elusive access to quality healthcare can be to those most in need of it. As the city and greater community work to eradicate homelessness, it is imperative that those who experience it have a reliable place to turn to access quality and compassionate health care. I want to do all I can both personally and professionally to ensure that Health Care for the Homeless continues to secure the resources it needs to fill the life-saving role it plays every day. It is an honor to be associated with this incredible organization.

Christopher Welsh, MD

Program and Performance Improvement

Board Member Since 2008

Medical Director, Substance Abuse Consultative Service

University of Maryland Medical Center

As a board certified general and addiction psychiatrist, I have worked in Baltimore City for the past 18 years and have witnessed the devastating effects of addiction on underserved residents of the city. I have always been impressed with the dedication and compassion of the staff at Healthcare for the Homeless and I feel that Health Care for the Homeless has a great opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of homeless individuals struggling with addiction and other mental disorders here in Baltimore and Maryland.

Eric B. Wendler


Board Member Since 2004

Business Development Executive

Grant Thornton LLP

Health Care for the Homeless offers support, services and advocacy to a vulnerable group of individuals that we all see every day. Being a member of the Health Care for the Homeless Board allows me to be part of a solution to homelessness. Also, it enables me to work with some of the most talented and thoughtful people that I have met.