Services for Youth

Young people have a lot to navigate as they develop into adulthood.

Living on the street is incredibly hard on both the body and the mind.

The combination of these two experiences is harsh.

We can help.

If any of these circumstances describe you…

  • on your own and under 21
  • living in a shelter
  • staying with friends or couch surfing
  • runaway
  • getting out of the foster care or criminal justice system

…let us help you

In our safe, supportive, LGBTQ-friendly setting, caring health professionals provide the comprehensive health care and unique services and supports that young people without a place to stay need.

  • Primary medical care
  • Dental care
  • Pre-natal/OB care
  • HIV and STI testing
  • Specialized care for young people who are HIV-positive
  • Birth control
  • Addictions and mental health counseling

You can access these services at our Baltimore City clinics at 421 Fallsway and 2000 West Baltimore St., at our Baltimore County clinic at 9150 Franklin Square Dr., Suite 301, or via our mobile clinic sites throughout the city.

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Donnell Gamble never knew his birth parents, but for most of his young years he knew stability. Then one day it was gone. Donnell grew up in the foster system until he was 8, when he was adopted. For the next decade, he lived in West Baltimore with his adoptive mother. He graduated on time from a small public high school that emphasized college prep. But the importance his school placed on college did not translate into a plan for Donnell for life after school. 

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