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    Who is Eligible for Care?

    At Health Care for the Homeless, we provide comprehensive health care and supportive services to people experiencing homelessness, including but not limited to children, youth, adults and families who are:

    • living on the streets
    • living in shelters or transitional housing
    • living in abandoned buildings or vehicles
    • "doubled up" or staying with friends, neighbors or relatives
    • released from a hospital or prison without a stable housing situation to go to
    • in any other unstable or non-permanent living situation

    Regardless of immigration status, we address our clients’ health care needs.

    Health Insurance

    At Health Care for the Homeless, we see individuals and families experiencing homelessness, regardless of insurance coverage.  

    For those clients with Medicaid or Medicare, we accept most plans.

    For those who do not have insurance…

    • They can apply for Medicaid or renew their Medicaid coverage through the Maryland Health Connection
    • We can help them
      • Enroll or re-enroll in Medicaid
      • Choose a Medicaid program (“MCO”)
      • Determine their eligibility—and help them sign up—for subsidies and supplemental income
      • Troubleshoot issues with their health benefits
    • We operate on a sliding fee scale
      • As a Federally Qualified Health Center, our fees are based on the relationship between clients’ income and their ability to pay for care. Our fees are calculated using the annual poverty guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But because our clients typically fall far below the poverty line, they do not meet the minimum income standards for co-pay for our services.
    • Behavioral health care is covered
      • Regardless of an individual’s insurance coverage, he or she has access to mental health services, addiction recovery programs and group and individual therapy.

    *Consistent with federal law, no one is denied care at Health Care for the Homeless if unable to pay.

    Services for Youth

    Young people have a lot to navigate as they develop—physically and mentally—into adulthood. Living on the street is incredibly hard on both the body and the mind. The combination of these two experiences—youth and homelessness—is harsh.

    We at Health Care for the Homeless can help.

    If any of these circumstances describe your young client…

    • living alone and under 21
    • living in a shelter
    • doubled up with friends or couch surfing
    • a runaway
    • getting out of the foster care or criminal justice system

    …we want to help them move toward health and stability.

    In our safe, supportive, LGBTQ-friendly setting, caring health professionals specialize in providing the comprehensive health care and unique services and supports that young people without homes need:

    • Primary medical and dental care
    • HIV and STI testing
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Birth control
    • Addictions and mental health counseling
    • Specialized care for young people who are HIV-positive

    Young people can access these services at our downtown, West Baltimore and Baltimore County clinics, or via our mobile clinic.

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