Alive in Love


On Saturday, December 21, we gathered to remember the 183 clients, friends, family members and community members with the experience of homelessness who passed away in 2019.

Read their names and join us in keeping them Alive in Love. 

Brittany Addy

Judge Anthony, Jr.

James Edward Armstrong

David Allen Bafford

Joyce Bank

Dana Bates

Mikele Bell

Sierra Benson

Prem Bista

Terry Jean Black

James Ben Boggs

Kenneth Bonaparte

Eric Boother

Brittany Bradley

William Brady

Tamika Brand

Marieul Brooks

Terriel Brown

Amelia Brown

Gaylen Brown

George Brown

Kristina Brown

Michelle Brown

Robert Michael Brown

Timothy Edwards Browning

Richard Bullock

Brenda Bumgardner

Sharron Demetra Bynum

Francisco Javier Cabezas

Anita Ann Cage

Matthew Carey

Kevin James Carr

Larry Carter

Roger Dale Casey, III

David Chaplain

Anita Cheeks

Aaron Chesley

Monica Clayborne

Lenwood Coleman

Nicholas George Comnenoi

Travis Cook

Tyra Courts

Corin Lee Cox

Elwood Valreece Cox

Edward Coxen

Justin Crosby

Roger Martin Crouse

William Custis

Curtis Davis

Decone L. Davis

Dayvon “Brother”

Francis Deloach

Timothy Anders Dicke

Jainisha Gabriellia Dill

Glenn Douglas

Jason Douglass

Darla Lynn Effland

Kevin Elliott

Cheryl D. Ferguson

Charles Ferguson, Jr.

Michael C. Fessler

James S. Fitzgerald, Jr.

Brittany Fleming

Willie Foreman

Carolyn Frey

Marry Anne G.

Andre Tyrone Gardner

Mary Elizabeth Garris

Casey Gill

Stevey Goggins

Johnnie Ray Gooding, Jr.


Joseph Green

Jonathan (Speedy) Gross

Osmond Guzman

Dennis Haley

Alonzo Harris

John Omari Hassan

Jerry Davis Hawkins, Jr.

Floyd Holmes

Steven Erik Holmstrom

Kenneth Browning Hoppe

Michael “Mick” Hughes

David A. Jackson

Marvin James

James Jeffers

Anniyah Jefferson

Frank Jenkins

Anthony “Princess” Jennings

Robert Jensen

Eddie Johnson

Michael Edward Johnson

Raymond Johnson

Rondell Johnson

Henry Jones

Reginald Jones

Stanley Jones

John Kates

Michael Zachary Kelly

Gregory Kess

Stephanie King

Dominic Deangelo A Knight

Michael Kobylatski

Cynthia Kopec

Katherine Kumpa

Diane Larkins Lankford

Tylisae Lavendar

Christopher Leeson

Dellar Ray Little, Jr

Jessica Lomax

Courtney Lynn Maiuzzo

Jhevan “Khochiese” Malone

Edward Christian Martin, IV

Lola Danyell Matthews

Earl Eugene McCarroll, IV

Carroll Jay McEnaney

Thomas Woobury Merrill

James Patrick Mister

Michael Monroe

James Edward Morin

Ms. Ruby

James Patrick Murphy

Joseph Muse

Donna Napora

George Galen Nelson, III

Justin Allen Nicely

Suzanne Oliver

Laura Olson

Crisi M. Pacheco

Philip Parker

Solo G. “Miss Lola” Parks

Richard Paul

Kennard Peay

Justin David Perkins

Kevin David Pfeil

Deborah Phillips

Michael Harry Pinkney

Andre Pollard

George Powel

Mark Joseph Richards, Jr

Frankie Richardson

Wayne Anthony Richardson

Aaron Robbins


Peter Louis Rue

Jason Charles Ruth

Diane Carolyn Rutkowski

Digna Sagastume

Steven Schandel

Andrea Scott

Adolphus Shorey

George Edwins Simmons

Denean Skinner

Violet D. Smith

Jessica Smith

William R. Smoot, Jr.

Paul Willford Speaks, Jr.

Theodore Terrance Mat Stephens

Robert Leo Stevens

Aundra Stokes

Daniel Wesley Strecker, Jr.

Dontanyon Taylor

Wayne Taylor

James A. Turner III

Gregory Turnipseed

Craigg Eric Wallace

Phaedra Ward

Kevin Lee Warden

Donald Warfield

Marc Howard Watchinsky

Senora Watson

Daman Weston

Jeffrey Whitaker

Clifton White

Jerome Wigfall

Valerie Wiggins

Reginald Wilkes

Dana Williams

Darrell Williams

James Williams

Tivon Williams

Dan Woodard

Danica Shea Woodard

See photos from the day here

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