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Meet our new Chief Financial Officer


Q&A with Fatou Toure

We are thrilled to welcome Fatou Toure as our new Chief Financial Officer. Holding an MBA in Finance from Howard University, Fatou brings extensive nonprofit and health care finance experience from places like Howard University Hospital, Mary’s Center (an FQHC) and, most recently, a four year stint as CFO of Bread for the City in Washington, D.C., which also operates an FQHC focusing on people experiencing homelessness. She sits on two DC nonprofit boards and is a member of the Maryland Association of CPA and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We have no doubt that Fatou will hit the ground running at Health Care for the Homeless. Get to know her more in the Q&A below. 

You bring 20+ years of experience in finance and administration to this role, with most of your work in non-profits. What has drawn you to a career in finance within the nonprofit sector?

I see working for non-profits as a valuable way to give back and support a mission in helping others who face challenges in their lives. I grew up in a developing country, and non-profit organizations support the local population so well in many ways. I currently sit on the board of two small non-profits in DC—DC Digital Collective connects and advocates for a better livelihood for Ward 7&8 residents, and fresh start for U is a women-led organization that supports women who survived traumatic life situations. When I work in a non-profit space in a leadership role, I go beyond the "Finance" leader and get to lend a hand to someone in need.

Why Health Care for the Homeless in particular?

I worked in FQHC environments prior to Health Care for the Homeless, and I am very familiar with the work and expectations. But also the organization has a noble mission. I hope with my background and experience, I can strategically support leadership and staff in reaching our goals. Health Care for the Homeless is a great voice for Baltimore residents and made a huge impact in the same community. I am excited to be part of that continuing process.

What are some of your top priorities coming into the role mid-year?

I always like to begin by learning the culture and getting acclimated with all the departments and staff. During the interview process, I had the opportunity to ask questions and assess top priorities from the direct reports and leadership team. A few priorities include:

  • grant management
  • revenue management
  • budget
  • other priorities in IT and facilities management of course involving risk and compliance

As CFO, you’ll be managing the Finance, IT, and Facilities & Security departments. These departments impact the work of every single staff member. What are a few ways you see racial equity and inclusion influencing your approach, particularly in creating a culture of safety and respect.

Racial equity and inclusion require collaboration, and collaboration involves diversity. I want to promote a culture of respect and acceptance regardless of race, background and ethnicity. The same applies to the clients and the community we serve.

We should continue to raise awareness and provide training on equity and inclusion. I love the idea of affinity groups with the staff to bring about culture and experience sharing, hear concerns and find strategic solutions on equity issues. Pay equity and professional development in areas where minorities are not well-represented is another space we can promote equity and inclusion.

I was part of the Racial Equity team in my former organization. I hope to continue to work in that space at Health Care for the Homeless.

What should staff (and others!) know about your leadership style?

I do not like micromanaging. I prefer an open door coaching leadership style where I can also hold people accountable. Any staff I've worked with will tell you, they will always find me when they need me. I am very responsive. I believe in providing support, and I hope people will learn from me and vice versa. It all goes with setting up expectations and boundaries.

What is something that helps you find joy or balance outside of work?

I like my routine exercise and spending time with my three mini mes :) my three daughters. Family time is a good balance, and cooking and traveling, too.

Give Fatou a warm welcome when you see her next!

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