Our Voices Ring Out: Homeless Persons' Memorial Day 2022


On December 21, the longest night of the year, we gathered in McKeldin Square for Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. We remembered the lives of 120 people who died without homes in 2022.

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Read the names of the friends and family who passed below.


Charles Acree

Anthony Adams

Janet Atkins

Doris Austin

Barbara Baker

Cassandra Barger

Rudolph Barker

Kenneth Barker

Robert Beasley

Jennifer Bell

Harry Blackston

Donye "Lil Tony" Booker

Ronald Lee Boulter, Jr.

Charley Bowser

Michael Boyd

Sade Broughton

Paul Brown

Jerry Brown

Jerome Bullock

Michael K. Bulluck

Jermaine Bunch

Malcolm Burrows

Otis Lee Cain

Clark Cane

Steven L. Carr

Ronald Carter

Enrico Caruso

Alverta Charlean

Douglas Cloman

Melanie Cole

Jeffrey Cole

Trenia Conway

Anthony Corbett

Thomas Frank Cosenza

Allan Crandel

Charles Cromartie

Glen Davis

Mark Anthony Demaniou

Aaron Dickerson

Anonymous Victim of Domestic Violence

Gary Dopkowski

Charmain Early

Moli Sue Feehley

Denise Felton-White

Kemp Ferebee

Robert Fortune

Quinton Gaines

Euler Garcia Reyes

Christopher Gibbs

Dwight J. Gingles

Stephan Griffin

Kelly Louise Hambleton

Michael Hanle

Latonya Harley

Michael Hicks

Zachary Hill

John Hines, III

Crystal Howard

Sandra Hughes

Jacqueline Hussey

Marvin Jenkins

Michael Earvin Johnson

Alvin Jones

Ellen Jones

David Lee Jones

Alieu Kamanda

Kimber Jane Kerin

James Kindel, Jr.

Darlene Kraft

Clifton Lacy

Erica Lamont

Kim Marie Lane

Kaelan Lee

Solomon Lemmon

Floyd Paul Lemmon

Johnny Long

Lucia Majors

Dervon Mayberry

Richard Mayo

Sheldon McDonald

Anthony McFadden

Russell Miller

Michelle Moore

Abraham Moore, III

Bridget Morlan

Joseph Lawson Morrow

Francis Munis

Gertrude Noel

Roosevelt O'Neal

Tyrone Payne

Oren Troy Prater

Gary Fabian Price

Bryan Lance Primo

Volara Queen

Deborah Ramseur

Peter Riley

Anthony Roberts

Derek Rodgers (or Rogers)

Varlos Rodrigues

Damion Ross

Carl D. Rutherford, Jr.

David Shaw

John Sheets

Charles Simmons

Nicole Singh

Colleen Marie Skarbek

Darlene Smith

Gregory Scott Smith

Darrell Leroy Speaks

Sylvia Squires

Glen Squirrel

Tony Stavola

O'Rion Thomas

Joseph Thompson

Naxine Washington

Clyde Williams

Barbara Womack

Paul Wooden

Robert Worrell

William E. Wright


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