Pearls of Remembrance


On Thursday, December 17 we remembered the lives of 155 people with the experience of homelessness who died in 2020.

Why “Pearls of Remembrance?”  

Pearls are a gift traditionally given to mark 30th anniversaries. They represent wisdom and everlasting love and are stunning in their natural form—fitting inspiration for this year’s memorial.


Read the names of the friends and family who passed below.

Mark Jonathan Albright

Elizabeth Allen

Troy John Andrews

Abiy Kinfemichael Arbi

David Auffarth

Paul Derome Avens

Darryl Wardell Baldwin

Michelle Lynn Barberio

Veronica Beale

Warren Bell

Joseph Betts

Paul Behler

Ronald Blackwell

Jonathan Blue

Kofi Bogan

Kenneth Bonaparte

Kelly Bonner

Dana Bouldin

Edward Bowlus

Kathleen Branch

Kenneth Bridgett

Edward Brooks

Sade Broughton

William Brown

Willie Brown

Paul Butler

Mercado Caballero

Daniel Caraway

Tina Carr

John F. Carroll

Michael China

Anthony Clark

Dwight Claxton

Avery Coker

Qadriyyah Shakir Coleman

Maria Conlindres

Donna Conyers

Patricia Rose Corasaniti

Bryan Daniel Crawford

Charles Victor Crunkilton, Jr.

Carl Stephen Davis, Jr.

Kevin Dixon

Myron Doughty

Clayton Randall Du Beau II

Juan Jose Dupree

Manda Shane Eckrote

Carl Leroy Edgell, Jr.

Nathaniel Edwards

Kenneth Evans

Robert Fortune

Demetrius Antoine Frazier

Teriko Frazier

Hugo Gaitan

Inell Geter

Carlos Gonzalez Flores

Johnny Gooding, Jr.

Victoria Goody

Wallace Graham

Rob Green

Russell Greg

Shawn Hall

Cynthia Harris

George M. Harris

Lonnie Harris

Louis Henson

Matthew Hericourt

Andrea Hill

Ashley Hill

Charles Himple

Darnell Hines

Lisa Homes

Alford Hunt

Leonard Jefferson

Thomas Dwight Jenkins

Christina Jessop

Diana Johnson

Michael Johnson

Mike Johnson

Marcus Jones

Stephon Jones

Zina Kellam

Joshua Aaron Kershner

Robert Koscielski

Melvin F. Kuster IV

Angel Lanuza

Karen Latta

Marvin Lee

Gerrod Lewis

Andrew Littlejohn

Helen Lowrey

Tony Mahammitt

Frederick Andrew Marburg

Kathy Marks

Isaiah Marteins

Gregory Mason

Charles Oliver Matthews

Craig Robert McDaniel

Faith McHale

Kevin Mcmillian

Naukether McNeil

Adam Mecklenburg

William Miller

Robert Milner

Igor Moroz

Christopher Moscowitzs

Paul Moser

Christopher Moskowitz

Roderick Odom

Dawn Orner

Perry Paglia

Michael Pailer

Brenda Gale Pascall

Dana Pearson

Harriet Penny

Aaron Mitchell Pfeltz

William Pickens

Donna Poljak

Adreinne Poole

Charmain Nicole Reed

Letitia Reid

James Richardson

Anthony Roberts

David Maxwell Roberts

Alice Robinson

Dale Brent Runyon

Nicholas Logan Schmalhofer

Donald Scott

Timothy Shawn Allen

Aliet Silot

Gary M. Slavinsky, Jr.

Clifford Smith

Daniel Soul

Felecia Stokes

Christopher Stuller

Anthony Tate

Lynette D. Tate

James Thomas

Clarence Trafton

Christopher Michael Vaughn

Greg Veeney

James Villani

Lester Troy Walker

Harry King Wall

Percy Ward

Phaedra Ward

Paul Edward Warren, Jr.

Juanita Torres Watson

Matthew Dominique Wells

Tierra Whye

Renee Wilkes

Darrell Williams, Jr.

Andie Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Damall Winston, Sr.

Derrick Wloczewski

Sherry Woods

Lanei Yow

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