Remembering our neighbors without homes who passed away in 2016


The following people were known to have experienced homelessness, and to have passed away in 2016. Some died of chronic illness or acute conditions exacerbated by not having a home.  Some died on the streets or while staying in emergency or transitional housing. Some were victims of physical violence.  Some spent the last months of their lives in their own apartments. Many died alone and, but for a few, forgotten.

Michael Adams

Lawrence Alexander


White Auk

Anthony Bailey

Jessica Bailey

Brenda Banks

Vincent J. Barberio

Emmett Lee Maurice Barkley

Joshua Beatty

Eduardo Bebert

Cara Bell

Janice Maria Bethea

Betty Birdsong

Connie Blackhaus

Aaron Blanding

Edward Briggs

Paul Phillip Briggs

Tracy Brown

Ronald Bushrod

Noah Buttrum

Valerie Carter

Timothy Cavender


Dwight L. Clanton

John Samuel Cody

Ainsworth Cooper


Carolyn Cox


Jerry Alfonso Davis

Richard Davis

Sean Christopher Davis

Theresa Davis

James Dorrycott

Keith Douglas

Edward Easley

Keith Dorrell Edwards

Clinton Eley III


Denorris Evans

Shawn F.

John T. Feagin

Johnny Fife

Richard Fish

Russell Fisher

Thomasine Gamble

Ronald Gerald

Joseph C. Giles Jr.

James Glover

Marvin Goldston

Thomas Edward Gregg

Cassandra Marie Grimes

Daniel Phillip Gudino

Joanne Hamilton

Nathaniel Hamilton Jr.

Keytonay Harper

Marian Harris

Harvey Harrison

Lawrence Hopewell

Dwayne Hutchinson

Andras Hvorath

Jerome Jackson

Cheryl Jacobson


Rosalieta Jefferson

Marie Jenkins

Emma Jennings

Angelette Johnson

Timik Johnson

Tyrome Johnson

William Johnson

Harry Jones

Joshua Kelley

Gerald Kinchen


John Theodore Lee

Terry Lewis

Cindy Littlejohn

Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt Lloyd

Daniel Kerry Locklear

Stephen Loidl

Lamar Douglass Macklin Jr.


Antonio Darryl Mathews

Melvin Mathews

Franklin Mason

Frederick McCarthy

Nicole Helen McComas

Wallace McCoy

Susie McGuire

Quanda S. McNeil


Leo Mendoza

Bently James Michel

Carolyn Miller

Cynthia Montague

Colton Joshua Morris

Mitchell Dwayne Morris

Dale Eugene Mosher

Jill Mossman

John Carl Muth

Patrick G. Myers Jr.


Barry Nelson

Nikea Nicholson

Steven Noll

Old man Joe


Joe Ortiz

Audrey Anna Parks

Robert Platto

Lisa Rosetta Poggie

Joseph R. Popiolek

Kelvin Powell

David Prater Jr.

Arnie Price

William Primus

Jose Ramirez

James Howard Ramsey

Earl Redd

April Reid

Lawrence Edward Reinke

Heather Robertson

Zachary Robinson

James Rogers


Curvis Ward Sawyer

Angela Schroder

Roman Schulze

Rochelle Scott

Samantha Sickler

Wilbert Simms

Joseph Simon

Jason Chat Smith

Jeanette Smith

John Smith

Kevin Smith

Veronica Smith

Billy Gene Spencer

Beverly Taylor



Travis D. Tillman


Kelley Tyler

Donald H. Tymous

Juan Camilo Vargas-Avila

George Wade

Gregory Walker

Kenneth Ward

Donald Washington

Arthur Weaver

Derek White

Keisha White

Larry Graham White

Tyeissa White

Melvin Lee Whitehead

Ella Wilkins

Aaron Todd Williams

Mathew Williams

Renarda Williams

Trevon Williams

Bernard York

Vanessa Clair Zimmerman


We also acknowledge the names of those who are unknown to us. 

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