Clients from West Baltimore share their persective


This September, ten clients gathered at our West Baltimore clinic to discuss homelessness and the barriers they face in their community. Here are just a few take aways. 

Stigma is a barrier to care

  • It's hard to walk through the door to seek help.
  • Many people don't know whether they qualify for care.
“Our definition of homelessness is different than what people assume this experience looks like. We will serve you if you're living with someone else, in an abandoned property, staying on someone’s couch or experiencing housing instability in any way.”

David Hunter, West Baltimore Community Health Worker

Community is crucial

  • The clinic has created a sense of community, friendships and support systems.
  • Support groups remind clients that they are not alone.
"Health Care for the Homeless is like family."

Jackie, mother, nutrition group attendee and West Baltimore client

"Health Care for the Homeless is a place of support."

Annette, West Baltimore client

​Many other factors affect health

  • Besides health care and housing, people are searching for employment, child care and aid with paying bills.
  • Access to healthy food is high on the list. Many people rely on corner stores - often the only option nearby. 

Clients would like to see more... 

  • Visibility. The clinic's location within Bon Secours hospital means word of mouth is the primary way people hear about it. 
  • Supports for people actively struggling with substance use disorders.
  • Consistent and frequent outreach efforts, like the mobile clinic.

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Previously Disability Assistance Outreach Specialist


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