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Welcome Joanna Diamond, our new Director of Advocacy


The long search for our Director of Advocacy is finally over—and we are thrilled to welcome Joanna Diamond, Esq.!

Starting just last week, Joanna brings over a decade of experience in advocacy and a wide-range of public policy issues. Criminal justice, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, voting rights, women’s rights…you name it, Joanna’s been there advocating for justice. She’s led health care and reproductive justice advocacy as the Vice President of External Relations at Planned Parenthood and pushed for a full range of civil rights and liberties through various policy roles with the ACLU.

Now she’s eager to put her expertise toward our shared mission—and advocacy work—to end homelessness.

When Joanna’s not pushing for better policy or offering up pro-bono legal services for civil rights issues, she enjoys knitting and yoga. But nothing rivals her passion for dogs! You can find Joanna on the third floor at Fallsway. Stop by to say hello, and ask to see a photo of Flounder. You won’t regret it.

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