Raise Money to End Homelessness 

There are so many easy, fun ways to raise money for health and housing.

Start fundraising now

Host a Zumbathon, run a race, sing karaoke or make Baltimore snowballs. Take inspiration from some of our favorites below...


Asked friends and family to donate instead of buying him presents for his fifth birthday.

Jean and Scott Vieth

With help from the band Vandaveer, raised money for health and housing at their annual New Year’s Eve bash.

Staff member Justin Shea

Partnered with local musicians to host a show and toy drive for children without homes.


Get creative, have a little fun and help support our neighbors without homes.


Claudia Burns, Health Care for the Homeless sustaining donor

"From 1952 until her death, my mother worked with chronically indigent mentally ill and mentally disabled homeless folks, finding them housing. I can't do that. But I can give money."