Phase 1: Examination

January 2021 - June 2021

Key Activities: REI Committee meetings | Hiring additional staff | Management meetings | REI Guiding Principles | Organizational assessment by the Center for Urban and Racial Equity (CURE)

Meetings & Training Calendar

Setting the tone for staff and Board REI Committees

"2020 shined a spotlight on complex systemic problems that have existed for generations," says Board Member Michael B. Jackson during a conversation with Accounting Manager Jeremy Givens and Senior Director of Equity & Engagement Eddie Martin, Jr.  Together, they discuss their new roles as our respective Staff and Board REI Committee Chairs - and perspectives as Black men in leadership.


Structured opportunities for introspection at Management Team Meetings

As of February 2021, directors and executives are meeting once a month for self-examination and discussion on REI topics.

Each meeting brings a new exercise in critical thinking. And each intervening week they are given a related question to consider. For example: What is one interpersonally racist act that you have committed or endured over the last five years, and how are you preparing a child/the children in your lives to not perpetuate and to deal with such prejudice?  

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New REI Guiding Principles to steer our work

After discussions at the Staff REI Committee, two listening sessions open to all staff, and review by the Board REI Commmittee and Board Governance Committees, our REI Guiding Principles were presented to the full Board of Directors on June 22. Along with guiding principles, we have adopted and will use a socio-ecological model (shared out soon!) to ground our approach to racial equity and inclusion.

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