2019 Innovation Challenge Round-Up


This year, nine brave staff members will face the sharks during the Innovation Challenge. Peruse their ideas below and get ready to cast your vote at In-Service on May 30. 

Amelia Jackson, Nurse Practioner
Hire a Transition Coordinator

Continue the work of the “Who We Serve” work group by creating a Transition Coordinator position. This person would effectively transition those who have "graduated" from our services to other mainstream clinics and services. This will allow us to serve those who are more vulnerable and may not otherwise have access to the services we offer here.

Connie Angiuli, Lead Therapist Care Manager - Connect
Offer Brain Mapping with Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG)

Use the diagnostic tool, QEEG, which measures electrical activity in the form of brainwave patterns, to trace mental health issues to their physiological roots and develop specialized interventions.

Debbie Wilcox, Social Worker
Therapeutic child care and play program

Provide clinic-wide supervision and activities for children 0-5 years old while their parents attend appointments at Fallsway. Not only will this remove a barrier for parents trying to attend appointments, but the program will also have the potential to provide group socialization as well as parenting education and support.

Edith Augustson, Behavioral Health Therapist 
Implementation of a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Department

Create a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Department to help capture a population of clients who struggle with things like treatment compliance, medication adherence, managing complex medical concerns and assist with coaching and supporting the client’s ability to apply skills learned in therapy to real world situations. 

Karen Ross Taylor, Behavioral Health Therapist 
Health Home Care Team Afternoon Socials

Hold monthly “meet and greet” style gatherings where Care Teams can invite 1-2 empaneled clients to foster a greater sense of connection and care team community.

Lilian Amaya, Lead Community Health Worker
Random Acts of Kindness Initiative

Use various activities throughout clinics such as “self-care stations, “a gratitude tree” and a free library to promote a sense of community among all stakeholders: staff, clients and community members like our donors.

Marc Bowman, Disability Assistance Outreach Specialist
Faith Based Partnership

Establish a faith-based partnership at Health Care for the Homeless to give clients access to individual counseling, encouragement and group support through a spiritual lens.

Molly Greenberg, MAT Nurse Coordinator
WarmLine: A Peer-Run Recovery Hotline 

Create a peer-to-peer support line operated by trained clients who are modeling recovery to create a network of support for clients learning to manage mental illness and substance use disorders.

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