2022 Staff Scholars, Transfers and Promotions


 From new degrees to new roles, our staff made big moves in 2022! 

Celebrate our staff scholars and transfers and promotions


Staff scholars

  1. Kat Acosta -  Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE)
  2. Devante Blount - Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
  3. Kimberly Dennis – Bachelor of Arts, Human Services
  4. Maalik Hamlett – Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)
  5. Arianne Jennings, LCPC - Doctor of Public Health (DrPh)
  6. Janea Parker – Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)
  7. Aimee Uchytil - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)
  8. Lisa Winterton - Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Staff transfers and promotions

staff members WHO moved to new roles in new departments

  1. Marc Bowman: Disability Outreach Assistance Specialist  → Volunteer Manager
  2. Danielle Brodie: Client Service Representative →  Case Manager, Housing Services
  3. Kimberly Dennis: Client Services Representative → Case Manager, Housing Services
  4. Tara Dorsey: Call Center Specialist → Compliance and Quality Specialist
  5. Mykia Gerow, CMA: Certified Medical Assistant, Fallsway → Certified Medical Assistant, Baltimore County
  6. Adrienne Trustman, MD: Chief Medical Officer → Lead MAT Provider

staff members WHO moved to new roles in their departments

  1. Kelly Gilliam: COVID Screener/Client Service Representative → Referrals Specialist
  2. Rosita Harris, CMA: Lead Certified Medical Assistant  → Clinical Trainer
  3. Kara Keicher, LCSW-C: Therapist Case Manager, Fallsway → Therapist Case Manager, Sojourner Place at Oliver
  4. Garrett Mosby, CPRS: Peer Recovery Specialist  → Case Manager
  5. Cynthia Turner, CPRS:  Peer Recovery Specialist → Senior Peer Recovery Specialist
  6. Malcolm Williams, LCSW-C: Client Relations Coordinator → Senior Client Relations Manager
  7. Kelsey Wyatt: Housing Services Program Assistant → Case Manager, Housing Services


  1. Kyle Berkley, PhD, LMSW: Therapist Case Manager →  SOAR Coordinator (new supervisor)
  2. Julia Davis, RNLead Registered Nurse → Fallsway Nurse Manager 
  3. Jan Ferdous, LCSW-C: Director of Behavioral Health →  Senior Director of Behavioral Health
  4. Margaret Flanagan, LMSW: Director of Compliance →  Senior Director, Quality Assurance
  5. Molly Greenberg, RN: MAT Nurse Coordinator →  Harm Reduction Manager
  6. John Lane: Mobile Health Services Coordinator →  Outreach Services Manager
  7. Allison Payne: Benefits Eligibility Specialist → Benefits Eligibility Coordinator (new supervisor)
  8. Daniel Shaffer: Psychiatric Occupational Therapist →  Lead Psychiatric OT (new supervisor)
  9. Faith Timothy, CMA: Certified Medical Assistant → Lead Certified Medical Assistant (new supervisor)
  10. Erick Torres, RN: Registered Nurse → Peds and Family Nurse Coordinator 

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