This 8-year-old will inspire you


Remember your 8th birthday? Audrey, who just wrapped up second grade, will always remember hers: It was the time she and her friends helped out new moms and their babies!

“I like helping people,” Audrey said after she and her friends made newborn care packages—complete with diapers, blankets, pacifiers and handwritten cards. “I got the idea to do it at my birthday party sleepover because I wanted to inspire other kids to help people.”

The packages Audrey and her friends made go straight to the Pediatrics & Family Medicine Department. They’ll help moms avoid choosing between expensive essentials, like diapers and food.

Recently graced by a visit from the Tooth Fairy, Audrey flashes a smile as she shares her birthday wish: “I want the babies to have good lives,” she says. “And I want their mothers to have happiness in their lives.”

Check out Audrey’s fun birthday activities by watching this adorable video

You might not want to have a sleepover, but you can still follow Audrey’s lead:

Step 1: Have a birthday
Step 2: Pick a project here 
Step 3: Throw a party

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