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Angels Among Us


On December 21, the longest night of the year, we gathered for Homeless Persons' Memorial Day. We remembered the lives of 165 people with the experience of homelessness who died in 2021.



Read the names of the friends and family who passed below.

Dominic W. Ajello

Gary Anderson

Max Annenberg

 Alan Antik

Deshane Armstrong

Howard Armstrong

Doris Austin

Paul Aye

Donald Bayne

Joseph Arlander Bell

James Blautt

Armeta Bonds

Denice Mari Bowman

Andrew Scott Bradford

William Bradley

Maria Brighoff

Donald Francis Briscoe

Shade Broughton

Arnetta Brown

Paul Brown

William Brubach

Dominic Bucci

Diane Bush

Joseph Leroy Butler Iii

Ricki Maurice Butler

Charles Callahan

Edward Cann Jr

Soniae Chobanian

Bernard Cole

Cynthia Collins

Robert Cook

Rochelle Cook

Kenneth Croxton

David Cunningham

Sheila Dianne Curran

Francis Ronald Demay

Gary Dopowoski

Joseph T. Dowdell

Randolph Edison

Ronald Elridge

Aron L. Fisher

Kevin Lamont Fisher

Tyrone Anthony Fitzgerald

Michael Edward Foote

Angela Carolyn Forbes

James Francis Jr

Danny Freeman

Cory Lee Frye

Bryan Paul Gallagher

Dwight Gingles

Willette Goggins

Alicia Goode

Trever Lamont Gough

Quida Graham

Matthew Grantham

Nannette Gray

Jimmie Green

Mark Griffin

Jose Manuel Guerrero Delgado

Geralbeth Hamm

James Hardy

Albert Lee Harris

Melinda Harris

Albert Harris

Allen Walter Hauer

Lyle Anthony Hawkins

Casey Helmacy

Travis James Hensley

Travis Hensley

William Benjamin Herring

Michael Hicks

Delores Himple

Jenny Holman

Lisa Melody Holmes

Kevin Holmes

Timothy David Hudon

William Edward Hutson Jr.

Candace Jackson

Ron Cornelius Johnson

Malik Jones

Michelle Jones

Randolph Phillip Jones

Ellen Jones

James Jones

Charles Wesley Kelley

Sue  Kim

James  Kindel Jr

Calvin Lamont King

Gary  Lane

Kim  Lane

Meredith Laticia

Solomon Lemmon

David Long

Johnny Long

Charles Lovett

Wilbert Lowery

Joseph Lee Lynch

June Lynn Macgregor

Janice Karin Mack

Derrick Madison

Stephen Paul Malicki

Daniel Martin

Kristine Martin

Katelyn Mcallister

Crystal Mccord

Donald Ray Mcgee

Charlene  ckennon

Tonie Renae Mcmillian

William Miler

Anthony Thomas Mitchell

Abraham Moore

Michael Moore

Mona Neal

Henry Glenn Netzer Jr.

Timothy Richard Orem

Vance Pak

Tyrone Payne

Christopher Robin Pence

Charles Francis Pennington Ii

Erion D'andre Prada

Thomas Laing Purser

Brandon Radford

Steven Rich Sr.

Kevin Riley

Melissa Rogalski

Delroy Roosevelt

Garcia Jose Sanchez

Michelle Sawyer

Erin Elizabeth Schott

John Sheets

Jamie Shiflett

Brian Leslie Shue Jr.

Charles Simmons

Matthew J. Sinsel

Reginald Smith

Marlene Smith

Ricky Bernard Smoot

Craig Steven Spencer

Phyllis Spoerl

Glenn Squirrel

Deborah Stebbins

Daniel Storm

Barry Joseph Sullivan

Barry Sullivan

Octavia Talbert

Darryl K. Thomas

Lamont Thompson

William Titus

Melvin Cleveland Truesdale Jr.

Chadwick Andrew Turner

Elias Vasquez

Lynne Vickers

Curtis Wallace Walker

James Watson

Clarence Whack

Kyle Landon Whetzel

Patricia White

John Williams

Matthew Wilson

Linda Lee Withrow

Glenn Evan Wooden

Vincent V. Woods

Robert Lewis Wright

Hafiz Abakir Mohamed Yagoub

Kevin Yarberough


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