Diapers and Wipes for Days


If you’re a parent or have a young person in your life, you’ve probably had times when you ran out of diapers two hours into a five-hour outing. Panic-inducing, right?

Now imagine if you simply couldn't afford both diapers and food for your child. Nobody—housed or unhoused—should have to make that impossible choice. 

That’s why we are excited to team up with a local non-profit called ShareBaby. A predominantly volunteer-run organization based in Hampden, ShareBaby collects, organizes, and stores everything a parent needs for a newborn up to a five-year-old.

From diapers, wipes and clothing to bigger ticket items like strollers and Pack 'n Plays—you name it, they have it. And they're working with us to connect these essentials with the people who need them most.

Lead Outreach Worker Sarah Bielecki is already seeing the partnership pay off for families in big ways. One example? Thanks to ShareBaby, one mother got the Pack 'n Play she needed to move into a family shelter. In addition to a safe place to play, her eight-month-old also got new bottles and clothing. 

We can't wait for more families to get the supplies and the start in life they deserve.

Learn more about ShareBaby

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