Our West Baltimore care team puts clients like Eugene at the center.
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Wouldn’t it be great to go to a single office to get all of your basic health care needs met? No more calling around to different offices or trying to coordinate appointments all by yourself. This is our vision at Health Care for the Homeless.

Eugene experiences it every time he walks through the door of our West Baltimore clinic. His nurse, doctor, therapist, community health worker and medical assistant are all in the same place. “It’s a brilliant group of people coming together for you,” he says. “Each person showed me that there was somebody else here who could help.”

In 2019 we are physically transforming our largest clinic (at 421 Fallsway). No more areas of the building dedicated to “behavioral health” or “adult medicine.” Instead, cross-disciplinary “care teams” will sit together and function as a unit around their shared clients.

They will talk every day about the people they serve and how to serve them better. They will coordinate complex care and be available to answer questions when a client comes for a visit.

We know integrated care works—and we see it with people like Eugene. Today, he has a 9-5 job that he loves. He’s housed and working on getting a car. “I’m getting away from my past and walking to a better future,” he says. “What they do for me—wow. I wish they could do that for everybody.”

Your health care should be designed around your needs. When health care providers work as a team, you get more time with them, better care and more support. Isn’t that what we all want? Our clients deserve no less.

Meet Eugene and his care team here

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Marc Bowman, MSW—Volunteer Manager (April 11, 2022)

Previously Disability Assistance Outreach Specialist


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