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Our Work: 2019 Artist Roundup


Get to know the artists who will be preseneting their work at our Client Art Show on Thursday, April 25. 

Enjoy photos from the show here


Angie Purnell
“When I was little, I had some skills. Now, I’ve been with the art group for eight years and this will be my fourth or fifth art show. I paint, collage and make cards for people. I’m inspired by the colors I see around the city. They bring out my creativity, and if I’m mad, creating art helps bring my stress level down. I had fun at the show last year and I’m looking forward to being around people and selling my art this year.”


Anthony Williams 
“I’ve been a part of the art group for four years and this will be my fourth art show. I’m inspired by the different situations I’ve been in with homelessness and drug addiction. In my piece this year, you can see me sleeping on roofs and cardboard boxes. It shows where I’ve been. And, it’s me overcoming all of that. I am a community organizer and activist – I love organizing around homeless issues and policies. I have my own place now, I’m happy. I’m excited to see how people react."

Brenda Bumgardner
"I’ve been an artist since I was little – my mother still has stuff from when I was seven. This will be my second art show and last year there seemed to be a fair amount of enthusiasm for the show. I’m excited to show off work I’ve made with new materials like tiles, paints and resin. I’m inspired by the elements, flowers, photography and whatever I happen to be reading. When I don’t do art, I feel very bad. I can’t go without it. Art makes me feel like I’m worthwhile – like I’ve got something to contribute."

Calvin Thomas
"I’ve been an artist since I was a child and have been involved with the art group for five years. Last year was my first art show and I’m looking forward to having an audience for my work again this year. Nature inspires me. I have my own style, I know how to capture motion and my pieces exert a lot of energy.”

Christopher Thompson
“Art relaxes me. I’ve been an artist since kindergarten, and I’ve tried to do my best ever since. I’ve been in the art group for seven years and have been in the art show every year. The things I see around me, the photos I see in magazines and Saturday morning cartoons inspire me. I’m trying to complete at least seven pieces this year and hope to be in more art shows in the future.”

Colin Ollivierre
"I have been a part of the art group for two years and this will be my second show. I love doing art and I hope that people can see that I love animals, nature and my dog, Mickey Mouse. I’ve had her since she was born and named her after my favorite Disney character. We’ve been through a lot together and she inspires me. I’m excited to see all the different art and to meet new people and let them see my art. I can’t wait to see how they like it."

Curtis McLaughlin
“I started drawing like any child would do, you know on the walls and stuff, but I didn’t destroy the walls – I’d draw Pac Man. When I went to middle school, others noticed I could draw. There was a large gap from there. Then, a friend found art supplies in his storage unit. I thought, “Maybe I should start drawing again.” Whenever I’m sitting somewhere, I’d start drawing. A woman told me about the art show, but I didn’t want to come at first. But, everybody, even my case manager, was telling me to come. I’ve been in the group for about a year and this is my first art show. Now, the group feels like a place where I can just sit and draw. “

Kelvin Morris
“I first realized I could draw when I was eight years old in Kingston, Jamaica. I remember sitting in my mom’s stall, just drawing. Her friend stole the drawing because it was so good – then I knew. I won medals for my art in Jamaica even though I had no formal training past high school. I’m inspired by everything, whatever comes naturally. I’ve been a part of the art group for roughly ten years. I’ve been to three or four art shows, and last year I had 24 pieces. I’m always excited to be around and work with everyone at the show.”

Marie Menapace
"I just started making beaded art a few months ago, mostly for myself because it’s relaxing, but then my therapist told me about the art group. When I see the colors of the beads, I get a vision of what I want the jewelry to look like, especially with necklaces. That’s where the creativity comes in. This is my first show and I’m excited for people to see my work."

Richard Mayo
“I’ve been an artist since I was a kid, but have only been a part of the art group for six months. This is my first art show, and I’m excited to meet other artists and see what motivates them. I am working on four pieces about equality, justice and court decisions that reflect division in this country.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and that art transcends language, so I use my work to remove the ambiguity of words and express myself in the language of art. I am hoping that people’s minds and eyes will be opened to what’s pulling at the fabric of equality.”

Ron Williams
“When I see my art making somebody happy, that’s when I’m happy. And now, art helps me, too. If there’s something I don’t want to talk about, I can do a painting and it starts the conversation.”

Vincent White
“I’ve been an artist for five to six years. When our house was being foreclosed, at the lowest point of my life, I found some paint supplies and held on to them. I was hoping I could make some good out of a bad situation. Now, I’ve been with the art group for four years, and have attended the art show every year. My art is inspired by other art that I see. I do some realism, cartoons and abstract. I hope that every time you look at my work, you see something new. When I first started out, art helped me get back on track when I felt frustrated or was having a particularly bad day. Now, it’s fun. Every time I’m off from work I am painting – I always have supplies with me. I want to bring some beauty to the world and motivate someone to make their life better through art.”

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