The perfect gift for the perfect day


Gabby Knighton and Dan Atzmon are counting down the days until their wedding in May.

But a kitchen full of china felt out of sync with Gabby and Dan’s “creaky old rowhome” and the work they do in homeless and public service.

“To be honest, we’re terrified of accumulating more stuff,” Dan explains. Instead of a blender or a robot vacuum, Gabby and Dan are asking for donations to organizations helping people without homes. And they both agreed that Health Care for the Homeless is on their list.

“In the last 10 years, we’ve seen firsthand that Health Care for the Homeless does not judge people and does not give up on people,” Gabby says. “There are so many people who can say that Health Care for the Homeless saved their life or gave them some dignity in their final years.”

While the couple jokingly agrees they’ll accept delicious bottles of wine, Dan says, “We really can’t think of a better gift from our loved ones than support for organizations that mean a lot to us."

Sound like you? Here are 3 easy ways to live your values:

  1. Ask for donations rather than gifts for your  special occasion
  2. Give in honor of mom for Father’s Day
  3. Consider putting Health Care for the Homeless  in your will or estate plan

More ways to give here

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