A Sunny Day of Service 


Sylvia and Tony (pictured below) were first in line to get their hands dirty when L. Warner Companies (TWC) volunteers showed up for a sunny day of gardening at our downtown clinic on June 1.

Several times a year, organizations spend a “Day of Service” with us getting to know our clients and giving back to their community.

“Days of Service are a wonderful experience and a great way to connect with a company and get them involved with helping people experiencing homelessness,” says Tony, who experienced homelessness and is a member of the Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau.

This was the first time TWC, a local consulting firm, came out to join us—but they were more than prepared with gloves, shovels and soil!

“I enjoy gardening. I’m a person with flowers at my own home,” says TWC consultant Steve Travers. “I wanted to give that sense of a welcoming, warm and inviting home to your clients.”

Before digging into the flowerbeds, TWC met up the Faces of Homelessness Speakers’ Bureau for an “Injustice Walk,” a day-in-the-life style tour around the Fallsway corridor, where many of our clients spend time getting food, shelter and health care.

“This helps reduce the stigma against folks experiencing homelessness,” said Volunteer Coordinator Lauren Ojeda. “And helps reinforce the humanity shared amongst our clients and community members.”

Our Lead Outreach Worker Sarah Bielecki even dropped in to discuss the importance of relationship building in overcoming homelessness. After chitchatting with TWC volunteers about building trust with our clients, they trekked out to the garden to do just that!

Thanks to TWC, every time someone visits our Downtown clinic, they’ll be greeted with rows of daffodils and geraniums.

Ready to get your hands dirty too?

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