AGENCY EVENT: All Staff Meeting—Strategic Planning


When: Thursday, March 9, 2-3:30 p.m.

Where: 421 Fallsway, 1st-floor lobby

What: March All Staff meeting—details below

Amid our usual celebrations of one another and information sharing at our March All Staff meeting, we'll create time for breakout discussions as part of our strategic planning process. Included in the strategic planning staff survey are six questions related to our six Health Care for the Homeless core values. We'd like to focus on JUSTICE, PASSION, BALANCE and AUTHENTICITY, and come together to talk about and understand the specific agency practices that represent these values for each of us—and what practices can we address in the next few years to clearly indicate that we are doing better at living these values?

These four discussions on JUSTICE, PASSION, BALANCE and AUTHENTICITY will be facilitated by our four Strategic Planning Committee staff representatives: Bilqis, Leonard, Dan and Phill. Directors and senior leadership will be discussing these core values in a separate forum in order to allow for an open discussion among staff members.