Dental care gave David a chance against cancer

We don’t know what the future holds for David.*

Before he could get his late-stage cancer treated, David’s oncologist told him that his mouth had to be cleared of all infection.

Parita Patel, our Dental Director, did what she could. She conducted an exam and pulled many of his infected teeth. But David needed oral surgery with sedation to safely remove all the damaged teeth.

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"Each person showed me there was somebody else here that could help."

Kim Carroll on Eliza

For many years, Eliza cycled in and out of hospitals, jails and the street. For the last two-plus years she has been safely housed, and in the last eight months, she has not been admitted or incarcerated once. Her home, which she secured through the Supportive Housing at Health Care for the Homeless, is the symbolic center of her life.

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“When we speak of homelessness, I speak of a person who doesn’t have a key to his or her own place.”

James Judkins , Client


We’re working to give 50% of kids dental varnishes—and healthy smiles.

Here's how we're meeting this goal


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Sojourner Place at Argyle Avenue—Welcome home

"One thing that drew me to Health Care for the Homeless is their attention to all people from all walks of life, sharing that compassion and humanity. I hope to accomplish that with medicine in the future, too."


Sachin Aggarwal, Help Desk Volunteer

Meet a fighter and a winner

When you first meet Kara Demindes, you’re struck by her unshakable resolve. Born at just 24 weeks, Kara spent the first nine months of her life in the hospital, fighting to survive. “I held on,” she says. “And I’m still holding on today.”

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