Dental care gave David a chance against cancer

We don’t know what the future holds for David.*

Before he could get his late-stage cancer treated, David’s oncologist told him that his mouth had to be cleared of all infection.

Parita Patel, our Dental Director, did what she could. She conducted an exam and pulled many of his infected teeth. But David needed oral surgery with sedation to safely remove all the damaged teeth.

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My past is not my future

Charles Johnson

Two years ago, Charles Johnson was staying in abandoned rowhouses in West Baltimore with no insurance, no income and nowhere to turn for health care needs. “I’ve been pulling my teeth out with a pair of pliers and a wash rag,” he said back then. “And I don’t have my top teeth now.”

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"Don’t pre-judge. Just because a person doesn’t have a place to stay doesn’t mean they’re like a bad person. Come here and spend a day with me or somebody at the clinic and you’ll see exactly how people are: people."

Kenny Willis , front desk


On any given night in America, 60,000 families with children do not have a place to sleep.

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We Need a Lot of Healing

Everybody deserves excellent health care, no matter where they sleep at night. Our performance improvement work helps to ensure that we provide excellent care to everyone we serve.

Chuck Amos , Director of Performance Improvement


Nevaeh lived with her parents in an abandoned building until she was one. Lead poisoning, severe speech delays and foster care followed. But now, Nevaeh is thriving thanks to the excellent care she's been receiving at Health Care for the Homeless.

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