Dental care gave David a chance against cancer

We don’t know what the future holds for David.*

Before he could get his late-stage cancer treated, David’s oncologist told him that his mouth had to be cleared of all infection.

Parita Patel, our Dental Director, did what she could. She conducted an exam and pulled many of his infected teeth. But David needed oral surgery with sedation to safely remove all the damaged teeth.

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It's really hard to talk about...

Mary Beth

“I got a late Christmas gift this year.” That’s how Mary Beth describes the moment her therapist, Jill, told her she had secured a dental appointment for her at our downtown clinic.

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We advocate for individual clients, but we also advocate for policy change because it’s the only way to end homelessness for ALL our clients.

Barbara DiPietro , Senior Director, Policy


There are less than 5,000 shelter beds available across the state, but more than 50,000 Marylanders are experiencing homelessness.

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Having a home helps a lot...

"Don’t pre-judge. Just because a person doesn’t have a place to stay doesn’t mean they’re like a bad person. Come here and spend a day with me or somebody at the clinic and you’ll see exactly how people are: people."

Kenny Willis , front desk

Kassie Carter

As a young girl, Kassie Carter saw first-hand the impact of poor dental care. “I knew there needed to be an awareness of dental care in our family, because no one had any teeth.

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