2018 Dental Impact Report

From mid-October through December, you joined 544 others to give an incredible $168,000 toward dental care!

In that time, you gave 623 people the care they need to restore health, hope and confidence.

Every visit—all 974 of them—was possible because of you.

“Our clients struggle with dental pain, poor nutrition due to difficulty eating and poor self-esteem due to the condition of their teeth. Your donation provides care that they can’t get elsewhere. Giving someone their health, smile and confidence back is priceless.

- Koby Sarubin, dentist


“I’m a diabetic, and when I came here, I had the majority of my teeth missing. I couldn’t eat properly or chew my food. Coming here for dental helped me eat better, smile better and feel better about myself.”

- James Barnes, Board member and dental client


“My self-esteem has risen to the top. Everyone tells me I have a beautiful smile. And I tell them I got it at Health Care for the Homeless. Thank you so much!”

- Vanessa Morgan, dental client